How Jessica Simpson Lost Weight (And You Can Too)

Before we get into this article, we want to make it very clear that we never thought there was anything wrong with Jessica Simpson’s weight. As much as the mainstream press cruelly ridiculed her weight gain after her years as a teenage pop sensation, we always thought she looked healthy. Nobody can be expected to live with a teenage body forever, and trying to pursue that goal is a quest that’s destined to end in failure and disappointment. There’s nothing wrong with a woman having a fuller figure, and Jessica always looked fine to us. 

With that out of the way, you may have noticed that the star is looking significantly slimmer than she used to. It’s thought that she’s lost somewhere in the region of one hundred pounds in the past twelve months, and she’s done it in a way that’s accessible and sustainable, steering clear of the diet fads that we’ve come to associate with celebrities on Instagram. That means if you want to shed a few pounds, her tips are tips you can follow without breaking the bank or eating or drinking anything that might make you ill. 

We’ll give you the tips below, but first, we want to remind you of the most basic and important principle of weight loss, which is this:- it’s never easy, and it requires hard work. You have to be persistent with it. Think of losing weight in the same way you’d think of playing Starburst UK online slot on an online slots website. If you’ve ever played online slots, you’ll know that normally nothing comes quickly, and it’s going to cost you time and money to get what you want out of the process. That’s exactly the same with diets. You might be chasing cash rather than weight loss when you’re playing online slots, but it’s still all about sticking to the method even when you can’t see any signs that a positive result is coming. Keep at it and believe in it, and you’ll eventually get there!

Hit The Gym Hard – But Sensibly

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to get the body that you want. In fact, you might burn out faster if you try to do things that way. How many times have you tried to start a daily gym routine only to end up not going one day because you were too busy or too tired, and then falling out of your routine? It’s not always practical or desirable to go to the gym every single day of every single week, and you might run the risk of injury if you do. Jessica Simpson didn’t do it that way. According to her trainer, she went to the gym three days a week and focused on circuit training while she was there. On each day, she’d focus on a different area of her body. That might be her legs one day, her stomach the next day, and her hips on the third day. The change breaks up the routine and prevents you from becoming obsessed with moving weight from one specific area. 

Don’t Spend Too Much Time With Electronic Devices

This next piece of advice is going to sound crazy, but Jessica Simpson swears it worked for her. It has nothing to do with eating well or exercising – it’s about staying away from your phone and your tablet. The effects of the ‘blue light’ emitted from such devices on sleep are well-known and well-documented, but Jessica’s trainer told her that it isn’t just sleep that gets disrupted by the devices. Blue light can affect your body’s hormones and result in excessive amounts of cortisol being produced. By putting all your handheld devices down and switching off the television two hours before you go to bed, you can be assured of a more restful and productive sleep and healthier levels of hormones within the body. That makes your body more receptive to exercise and weight loss techniques. 

Get Out And Get Walking

During the time you do spend with your phone, you might find that it regularly reminds you to ensure you’re taking ten thousand steps every day. That’s not good enough. If you want to see weight falling away, you need to increase that to twelve thousand steps as a minimum. The best thing about walking is that unless you have mobility problems, it doesn’t feel as strenuous as other forms of exercise. You might be able to get your twelve thousand steps in by walking to and from work every day. If that’s not an option, getting a small treadmill for your home should do the trick. That way, you can get your steps in while watching television. Wherever you have the opportunity to walk, take it. It’s one of the best forms of regular exercise you can take part in. 

Three Meals Every Day

There are a million diet ideas out there, but the most important thing to get right about the way you eat food is to have a routine. You need to train your body to expect food at a certain time, and to process it at a certain time. If you do, you’ll reap the rewards. Having three meals a day – and no more than that – will help you to control and reduce your weight. You still need to make sensible choices about what those meals contain, though. Look for foods that contain fiber and protein and healthy fats as opposed to trans-fats. There’s usually no reason to cut out your favorite types of food so long as you don’t eat portions that are too large, or make unhealthy choices. We all know what healthy food looks like; we just need to be stricter with ourselves about eating that rather than a less healthy alternative. 

A Good Night’s Sleep At The End Of It All

A perfect day is rounded off by a perfect sleep – and now you know not to touch your handheld devices for two hours before bedtime, you’re more likely to get one! A lot of people say that eight hours of sleep a night is essential, but that isn’t strictly true. Seven will do you just fine – which is just as well because seven is the maximum a lot of people can get based on their busy lifestyles. Have a defined bedtime and waking up time, and stick as close to it as possible. There will always be times when exceptions have to be made, but if you are knocked out of your rhythm, make sure you get back to it as quickly as possible. 

If Jessica Simpson and her trainer are to be believed, that’s all there is to it. It’s just common sense diet advice, and it’s achieved amazing things for her! If you’re looking to shed a little weight before the summer months arrive, why not give it a try? 

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