How Much Kefir Should You Drink for The Probiotic Benefits?

Are you enjoying a glass or two of kefir every day? Or, do you prefer to just drink some occasionally? Although some people prefer to drink kefir daily, there are others who only drink it occasionally. However, if you are wondering about the amount of kefir you should be consuming to get the benefits from the probiotics, hopefully the following information will answer many of your questions. 

When it comes to the various benefits that kefir provides, it is more than most people imagine. The drink is made from cow, sheep, goat, non-dairy milk, or water and, once it becomes fermented, it offers many potential wins for your overall health and well-being. Click on The Live Kefir Company website for other kefir information.

The challenge for most people who want to drink kefir is not the fermentation process, but the taste of the finished product. The texture can be slightly lumpy, and it is having a distinctive sour taste. 

The fermentation occurs when kefir grains are added to the milk, you can add some for taste. These kefir grains are small colonies of lactic acid and yeast, and they have a gel-like appearance. After 24 hours has passed, the microorganisms begin to ferment and multiply the lactose into lactic acid. 

So, what are the different benefits of kefir, and how much should you consume for probiotics?

It Is A B-12 Source

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that keeps the blood cells and nerves healthy. It is generally found in dairy and animal products, and kefir is considered an excellent source of B12.

Kefir milk is fortified with vitamins and minerals such as B12 and is a great alternative for those who are on a vegetarian diet. Fermentation also helps to increase the body’s availability of these nutrients. 

Improved Gut Health

One of the main benefits of drinking kefir milk is for its probiotic properties. In fact, the average cup of kefir contains over 30 different yeast and bacteria strains. These probiotics can improve digestion and gut health, and these are some of the reasons why kefir is nicknamed a ‘superfood’. 

Excellent Protein Source

Kefir is also a great source of amino acids and protein. As a result, muscle mass and strength can be maintained. 

With the average kefir milk drink containing close to 10 grams of protein, it is easy to see why there are some athletes who have chosen to swap out their Gatorade and coconut water for kefir. 

Bone Health

Increasing calcium intake has long been one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and developing strong bones. One cup of kefir has over 50% of the daily recommended calcium. 

How to Begin Drinking Kefir

As mentioned, kefir is a fermented drink that contains healthy ingredients such as probiotics. The bacteria and yeasts in the kefir grains effect gut health, and this is one of the reasons why you will need to pay attention to certain factors once you start integrating kefir into your nutrition plan. 

If this is your first-time drinking kefir, you should begin by drinking no more than 100 mL of the drink each day. For most people, they begin to feel the changes almost immediately. The rate at which you notice changes will be dependent on your sensitivity to the drink as well as your diet prior to consuming kefir. If you are nervous about starting to drink this, you could combine it with an online activity like icecasino online, in order to take some of your attention away from the drink.

Keep in mind, it is not uncommon to have intense reactions to the fermented drink as your body adapts to the changes. 

Some of the side affects you may notice are:

– Bloating

– Constipation

– Stomach gurgles

– Stomach cramps

If you are not able to manage the effects that kefir has on your body, you should stop drinking it and consult with your physician. However, if the side effects are manageable, you may choose to continue drinking it. 

Increasing the Amount Of Kefir, You Drink

Once your body has adapted to the changes and you are able to drink kefir without any physical issues, you continue building up to the amount of kefir you want to drink every day. It is typically recommended to consume between 200 to 300 mL of kefir milk and around, if you drink kefir water, you can increase that amount to 350mL. That is 1 cup and 1 1/2 cups, respectively. 

Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Kefir?

You may have to reduce the amount of kefir you are drinking if you are experiencing serious side effects. This can occur if you have an underlying medical condition that prevents you from consuming excess protein, acidic foods, probiotics, etc. 

When you begin to feel discomfort, consult with your doctor. You may need to reduce or eliminate the drink from your diet. It is important that you drink the amount of kefir that makes you feel your best and not necessarily the recommended amount. 

Kefir is an amazing drink that offers many benefits, including improving the gut microbiome with probiotics. Even though most experience little to no side effects, if you are in extreme discomfort, stop drinking it and speak with your doctor.

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