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How Safe Is Mewing?

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Recently, mewing became a social media trend that many people now practice. It’s a technique that helps you to keep your tongue in the proper posture, fixing some of the minor problems with the jaw, and even making some changes in face shape. But is this technique safe? Let’s have a look.

Is Mewing Legit?

Although there is no research yet that provides scientific evidence of mewing working, there are many people who swear by it. Mewing became a trend, and many people on social media post their ‘before and after’ pictures with truly spectacular changes. 

Learn How To Mew Properly 

If you mew properly, you can notice effects more quickly and you also reduce the risk of side effects. This is why it’s so crucial to learn the technique. If you are new to mewing, be sure to check Mewing.coach where you will find all you need to know about this activity, including proper ways to mew. 

Mewing Benefits 

Your dentist or orthodontist can recommend you practice mewing to ease jaw pain, correct your speech, or help improve your tongue posture. Regular practice can even help you align your upper and lower teeth. 

When you mew properly and regularly, you might also notice that you breathe less through your mouth. Many people claim as well that mewing can reshape your face by making your jawline more visible. 

Possible Side Effects of Mewing

Although mewing is relatively safe, there are a few possible side effects you should know about. If you already have any medical problems, be sure to first consult with your doctor about mewing. Never resign from dedicated treatment – although mewing might not make it worse, you can aggravate your health conditions by not addressing them in time. 

One of the possible side effects of mewing is soreness in the jaw. Although it doesn’t cause serious issues, it might cause you some discomfort. Some people report headaches in the first days when they start mewing. 

Because the goal of mewing is to expand your palate, you can pressure the teeth and make them feel loose. If you mew incorrectly and push your tongue against your teeth, you can cause them to move. 

One of the side effects of mewing that is rarely mentioned is psychological distress. Some people don’t mew correctly or are impatient to see results. Yet they feel they sacrifice their time to look better, but don’t notice changes in their facial structure. That can cause disappointment and some emotional distress. 

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