How to Achieve Ketosis with Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

Ketosis is a metabolic state the body uses in order to burn fat rather than glucose. In order to achieve ketosis one should become acquainted with what ketosis really is along with how to achieve ketosis and maintain it. The state of ketosis is not always easily achieved and there are many ways to help induce the metabolic state. These steps to achieve ketosis range from supplements, diet restrictions, exercise, and fasting. When using these ideas to help with getting into the state of ketosis one should test regularly to ensure levels as well as to help remain in the state of ketosis. 

Ketosis is a state where the body burns fat for energy instead of glucose. This process is a natural metabolic state usually accompanied by eating a low carbohydrate diet such as the ketogenic diet or the Atkins diet. This is because the body is usually using carbohydrates as its’ primary energy source. When the body doesn’t consume enough carbohydrates it is forced to go to the next source for energy.

Achieving Ketosis

In order to achieve the state of ketosis you should eat a low carbohydrate high in healthy fat diet. Protein is important also although it is not the key source the body uses. Protein need in the diet is measured by the amount of physical activity. 

One of the most common ways to put the body into a state of ketosis is to start by grooming yourself by cutting out sugars completely and to start a fast. When fasting many people use keto supplements such as BHB powders to add to drink mixes this helps boost the ketone levels in the body while fasting.  There is also intermittent fasting which is low calorie and only allowing consumption of calories over a certain time period. Our bodies naturally do this process. If your last meal of a day is around 6:30 pm and your first meal of the day is around 7:30 am after waking up, your body already does this process. 

To induce intermittent fasting you just push those hours a bit further so makes your last meal an hour earlier and your first meal of the day an hour or two later. As already mentioned this also means cutting the calorie consumption and cutting out unhealthy foods that won’t help the body achieve the sate of ketosis. 

Sign and Symptoms of Ketosis

The best way to know if the state of ketosis has been reached is using one of the three methods of testing ketones levels. You can test ketone levels with urine, breath, or blood. Each test can determine whether or not ketosis is present however a blood test is the single best way to test ketone levels. Blood testing is more accurate with true ketone level reads so that you can know if you are barely in the state of ketosis or if you are right where you need to be around 1.6mmol/L or above. 

Physical signs and symptoms of ketosis include losing weight, loss of appetite as the body begins to stay satisfied longer, and increase in energy. There are also a few symptoms they may fall in the lines of keto flu, which usually pass as the body becomes used to the state of ketosis.

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