How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Lots of research has revealed that the more engaged a parent is with their child’s schooling, the more likely the child is to succeed throughout their education. There are numerous explanations why this could be the case. For example, a child who is aware that their parents are actually interested how well they perform in school may want to try harder as a way to impress. In addition, a child who is offered help and support with their schoolwork beyond the classroom will find it easier to cope with any difficulties they face. No matter what the reason, it is crucial for parents to recognise this research and assist their children as best they can. I have teamed up with an independent day school in Hitchin to provide you with the following advice.

An easy way to become more involved in your child’s learning journey is ensure you are available to your child when they are completing their homework. In other words, if they come to a task that they are unsure how to approach, they will be able to ask you for your help rather than struggle through or give up in frustration. While it isn’t wise to end up completing the task on your child’s behalf, you will be able to assist them with finding the answer or just explain it in a more straightforward manner. If your job or other commitments mean that you are not able to be present whilst your child is completing any school related tasks, try and help them in other ways. For instance, make sure they have a appropriate desk space set up with all the required supplies and books etc.

Appearing at parents’ evening is obviously a must, but it’s also important to attend any other school events if possible, such as sports day, plays and music recitals. You could also try and organise frequent one-to-ones with your child’s teachers so that you can monitor their progress. If necessary, you could consider hiring a private tutor to help your child with areas of their learning that they might be struggling with. 

Most importantly, you should always be a good role model for your child and demonstrate enthusiasm when it comes to school and learning. A positive outlook within your family home will go a long way in helping your child with their self-esteem and optimism regarding their education.

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