How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is the essential skill needed for problem-solving, critical thinking and many other vital life skills. In fact, 9 of the top 10 skills used by global executives are associated with creativity. Despite the myths, creativity isn’t something that we’re born with and there are many ways that we can increase our creativity.

We have partnered with a private school in Enfield to share advice on how to boost your child’s creativity.

Create a Lego City

As simple as they are, Lego bricks can encourage your child to think creatively to create unique sculptures and everyday items. At the same time, they allow your child to exercise their problem-solving skills by getting them to think about how to get from point a to point b.

Visit an Art Gallery or A Musical Performance

Art can be completely bewildering. By creating an appreciation for art, you can encourage your child to take an interest and get involved too.

Introduce Them to Games of Strategy

Games like operation and scrabble can encourage outside of the box thinking by getting your child to brainstorm all possible solutions. Scrabble can also help to boost your child’s literacy skills by teaching them new words when using a dictionary to eliminate foul play.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking involves creativity to create the perfect dish. It is needed to decide on what to add to balance flavours, to create a new design and add colour to a plate. 

Video Games

Despite the bad rep they get, video games aren’t all bad. They encourage children to think creatively to decide on what move to make next. The process is rewarding too with the opportunity to level up or secure new rewards. Always be mindful of the advised age restrictions that come with games to avoid exposing your child to unsuitable material and carefully review.


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