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How To Choose An Adjustable Bed In 6 Steps

Adjustable beds are perfect for people who need extra support while sleeping, especially those with mobility problems and chronic pain and stiffness. They can also help people who are confined to bed for long periods.

However, adjustable beds aren’t just the remit of people who need an adjustable sleep position for medical reasons. If you enjoy elevating your head or feet while sleeping, an adjustable bed will also suit you down to a tee.

Buying an adjustable bed may seem tricky with so many products available, but thankfully there are only a few things to keep in mind.

This article reveals how to choose an adjustable bed in 6 steps. 

Let’s jump in!

  • Consider your lifestyle.

Do you have back or joint pain, or would you simply like to watch TV or read in bed without propping up loads of pillows?

Consider how and who will use the adjustable bed. If you sleep with a partner, you should look at adjustable beds for two sleepers.

Additionally, adjustable beds are expensive, so if money is tight, consider whether it is worth getting one. For example, if you want more support, you could get it with a firm mattress and save yourself hundreds of pounds.  

  • Choose the size.

Adjustable beds come in standard sizes, including small single, single, double, and king. Choose the size that best fits your space and needs.

King-size adjustable beds are the most popular for couples because they usually have two adjustable sides. If you sleep solo, a single or double adjustable bed will suit you better, but you can also get small singles for kid’s rooms.

Pictured: Recline-A-Bed Pure 2000 Twin Adjustable Bed. Available from Bedstar.

  • Figure out your ideal mattress firmness.

Like regular beds, adjustable beds are available with soft and firm mattresses.

We recommend a medium-firm mattress for most people because this offers adequate cushioning with enhanced support. A medium mattress is a good option if you sleep on your side or weigh less than 195 lbs.

Firm mattresses have very little give, which some prefer, although the surface might be too unforgiving if you have sore joints.

  • Determine your budget.

Adjustable beds come in various price points, so decide how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping.

You are generally looking at £600 to £1,000 for a single or double adjustable bed and over £1,100 for a king-size bed.

You can usually save money by buying the adjustable bed and mattress together – just ensure the mattress is good and not a secondary product. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the mattress for a better deal.

Pictured: Recline-A-Bed Ortho Gold 1000 Twin Adjustable Bed. Available from Bedstar.

  • Consider the features you need.

Many adjustable beds offer adjustable head and foot positions, vibration, advanced memory foam mattresses, and glider feet for manoeuvrability.

At the very least, your adjustable bed should have a 5-part slat system, giving you over one hundred sleep positions.

Most people also want drawers built into their adjustable bed, with single, double, and quad drawers available depending on the bed size.

  • Read product and retailer reviews before buying.

Reading product reviews is crucial because they can help you make an informed decision, providing valuable insight into a product’s quality and customer experiences.

Additionally, reviews can provide information about the company or brand, such as its customer service, reliability, and return policy.

If you like an adjustable bed with few or no reviews, then retailer reviews are the most important thing to read.

Summing up

Adjustable beds can be a great way to improve your sleep quality, especially if you have mobility issues or joint pain. However, it is crucial to consider your lifestyle, bed size, mattress firmness, budget, and features before you buy.

By keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to find an adjustable bed that meets your needs and budget.

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