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How To Choose Your Child’s First Full-Size Bed

Stepping up to a full-size bed is exciting for children because it means more space, and it also makes sense for you because you don’t need to worry about upgrading your child’s bed again for several years (perhaps a decade!).

This article explores how to choose your child’s first full-size bed so that they get the best night’s sleep for many years to come.

Let’s jump in!

What is a full-size bed?

A full-size bed is a standard bed size, either a small single or standard single bed, big enough to sleep both children and adults.

In comparison, kid’s beds include cot beds and toddler beds (70cm x 140cm), acceptable for most children up to five.

Choosing the right size bed 

There are two full bed sizes for children:

  • Small single (75cm x 190cm) – Small singles are suitable for most children from three to eight.  
  • Standard single (90 x 190cm) – Singles are suitable for most children from five and are good for a decade, if not more.

The right bed size depends on a few factors:

  • How long do you want the bed to last? – small singles need replacing with a standard single within a few years or when your child grows out of their bed. In contrast, a standard single will last your child into their teenage years.
  • How your child sleeps – if your child sprawls out and ends up in weird places, they will benefit from a standard single – that 15cm extra width makes a big difference. But if they are calm sleepers, a small single will do.

Choosing the right bed height

Bed height is important with children’s beds for safety and mobility reasons. The last thing you want is a bed that is too high because it increases the risk of injury from falling out and makes getting into a bed difficult.

With small singles and standard singles, a height to the mattress of 30-35cm is a good ballpark figure with a 10cm to 20cm mattress.

Avoid mid-sleepers, high sleepers, and bunks when your children are under six because they need to understand the dangers of playing at height. If your children are over six, you can safely look at mid-sleepers and bunks.

You can also get a full-size bed with a guard rail or install an aftermarket guard rail to reduce your child’s chances of falling out of bed.

Sleeping more than one child in one bedroom 

Several solutions are available if two or more children share a bedroom, from classic bunk beds to triple sleepers suitable for older kids.

Another common situation is sleeping a baby/toddler and a child in one small bedroom. A potential solution is a high sleeper for the child and fitting a cot/cot bed underneath the top bed, which will preserve space in the bedroom.

If your child has many sleepovers, a bed with an extra guest bed (a slide-out or pull-out bed) is good.

Pictured: Birlea Verona 3FT Single Cabin Bed – White, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

Choosing colours 

While a baby pink or blue full-size bed sounds great for young children, as your child gets older, they might not like it, which will end up costing you money to replace it.

In the long run, it’s cheaper to go for a white, grey, or natural full-size bed for children to save money in the future. It also ensures that the bed will continue to fit in no matter how you decorate the bedroom.

Consider in-built storage solutions

It would help to consider a full-size bed with built-in drawers or an ottoman base because children can never have enough storage space. It’s also easier to get a bed with storage than slide storage boxes underneath a standard bed.

Built-in drawers are handy for bedding, shoes, and homework, while ottoman beds have a lift-up base, offering the most storage overall. You can find a wide range of single ottoman beds starting from only £289.00 at Bedstar.

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