How To Decorate For The Holidays On A Budget

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… candy canes and silver bells aglow… and mistletoe hung where you can see…  

All those holiday decorations can rack up a hefty price tag—and fast

Between buying gifts, grocery shopping for feasts, and your workplace’s Secret Santa—not to mention the parties for toasting, marshmallows for roasting, and caroling out in the snow!—budgeting for home decor can save some serious cash this season. Here are a few tips to create a budget-friendly winter wonderland—without ignoring the very clear directives laid out in Deck the Halls

#1: Second-Hand Stores

Your mom’s old cable-knit sweater, your best friend’s silver bracelet, and the coolest vintage record collection you’ve ever seen—sometimes, the best gifts are passed-down treasures. 

Second-hand and vintage stores are incredible sources for beloved holiday items, plus you’ll be celebrating a more eco-friendly Christmas. If you’ve already run through your town’s brick-and-mortar stores, here are some excellent online markets to check out:


  • Netflea – Hate those excess shipping fees? Netflea groups your purchased items from different sellers and sends them in one delivery. 



  • Fleabay – If you’ve had a shady online purchase experience before, this site will put those worries at ease. Every item and seller are reviewed before approval.



  • Offer Up – Mobile-friendly and efficient, this site connects you with local sellers looking to make bargain deals for furniture, crafts, and more.  


#2: Check Online Sales 

Shop smarter, not harder—that’s the saying, right? With some savvy web surfing, you can create a living room that would fit right into a Hallmark Christmas movie at a fraction of the price. 

Need a perfect centerpiece for the family feast? Keep costs low and check out some online Christmas flower deals for quality bouquets. Maximize the ambiance while minimizing the damage to your wallet by checking out discount deals on holiday lights. 

And don’t forget: artificial trees are the ultimate holiday saver. By not chopping down a fresh tree every Christmas, you’re saving cash (and the environment) for years to come!

#3: Get Crafty

Hop off the consumer treadmill, and work with what you’ve got! Crafting isn’t just a kid’s summer camp elective (although kids love crafting, too); it’s a great way to save money and create a family activity at the same time. Plenty of household items can be turned into thrifty yet elegant holiday trinkets.

Take a quick peek into your supply closet and start one of these projects tonight:


  • Pinecone ornaments – Pick a few pinecones (or any available foliage) off the trees nearby and stick them in empty glass orbs for a cheap yet beautiful minimalist ornament.



  • Candle lanterns – If you already have candles in the house, this is an easy way to bring warm winter light to your home. Buy a cheap glass cloche to place over the candle, and voilà: an elegant homemade lantern. 



  • Teacup forests – Bring winter wonderland into the house by gluing some fake snow (ripped up cotton balls) into a decorative teacup and “planting” a few fake mini evergreens. It doubles as a decoration for your daughter’s dollhouse, too!


Happy Holidays!

The holidays are all about spending—spending time with loved ones, that is. Gifts and gadgets are secondary to the days spent with family and friends. Keeping a budget can help you remember your values during this hectic season.

Stick with these money-saving tips for a holiday that’s rich with warmth and cheer (and a little extra cash in the bank).




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