How To Fix A Squeaky Floor

Your floor is a massive feature of your home, paramount to how your interior looks and feels. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of money on your flooring, especially if you’ve gone for real or engineered wood, so don’t put up with those annoying creaks! Fixing the problem is actually easier than you think.

If you live in a home that has creaky floorboards, then you’ll know how irritating they get. While we think that it’s older homes that have creaky floors, it can happen in modern homes too.

Insert precision shims into gaps: If you’re lucky enough to have space beneath the floor, then this is an easy way to fix the noise. Identify which floorboard is the creaky one, once you have pinpointed where it is, check to see if there’s a gap between the top of the floor and underside of the subfloor. Then spread some glue into the gap, hopefully removing any squeaks!

Adhesive: While shims can be a great solution if you have a small area, it doesn’t make sense to install a load of shims, so the best way is to use adhesive. Once it hardens, it’ll stop movement in the floor and remove the dreaded noise. 

Nail a board: Wood flooring can twist, warp and shrink. As a result, a space opens up between the planks which causes squeaking. Apply a plank of wood along the squeaky plank to keep it in place. Secure it in place with nails or even glue. You will need to have access to underneath the floor to apply this method, however. 

I hope these pointers have given you some ideas on how to conquer your squeaky. Of course, it could be that your home is older and therefore creaking is sometimes is inevitable no matter how much you try to get rid of the squeaking. However, it’s certainly worth a try and you can enjoy some well-deserved quiet! 


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