How To Fix Creases In Your Favorite Shoes

Have you ever looked down at your favorite pair of shoes only to notice those unsightly creases forming across the front? It’s a common issue that can make your go-to sneakers or cherished leather shoes look worn and old before their time. But fear not, because restoring them to their former glory might be easier than you think. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through some simple and effective methods to smooth out those creases and keep your shoes looking sharp. So, let’s lace up and get started on giving your beloved footwear a fresh lease on life.

How to Remove Sneaker Creases

Removing creases from your sneakers can be straightforward if you follow these detailed steps. Here’s how to get those sneakers looking fresh and crease-free:

  • Prepare the Sneakers
    Start by getting your sneakers ready for the crease removal process. Take out the laces to ensure you have full access to the creased areas. Next, fill the toe box of each sneaker with several sheets of white tissue paper or a soft cloth. This helps to push out the creases from the inside, making them easier to smooth out. It’s important to use white tissue paper to avoid any risk of ink transfer that could stain the inside of your shoes, something that could happen if you used newspaper.
  • Select the Correct Iron Temperature
    Setting your iron to the right temperature is crucial. You want it hot enough to effectively remove the creases but not so hot that it damages the sneaker material. A medium to low heat setting is usually a safe bet. If you’re unsure, start on a lower setting and gradually increase the heat as needed. Always err on the side of caution to avoid causing any heat damage to your shoes.
  • Cover with a Damp Cloth
    Lay a damp cloth over the creased area of your sneakers. This cloth acts as a protective barrier between the iron and your shoes, preventing direct contact that could scorch or burn the material. The moisture from the cloth also helps to steam the creases out more effectively, making it easier for them to flatten under the heat.
  • Iron the Creases Out
    With your iron heated to the correct temperature and your sneakers properly prepped, gently press the iron onto the damp cloth covering the creases. Move the iron in small, circular motions to evenly distribute the heat and avoid focusing on one spot for too long. You should start to see the creases diminish as you apply the heat. Be patient and keep the iron moving to smoothly restore the sneaker’s surface.
  • Use Crease Protectors for Future Prevention
    After you’ve successfully removed the creases, consider using shoe crease protectors to prevent them from returning. The Diagonal One crease protectors are a great choice because they fit inside the toe box of your sneakers, keeping the material stretched and less prone to creasing when you wear them. They are a great investment to keep your sneakers looking their best for longer.
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How Often to Remove Creases

Maintaining the appearance of your shoes is an ongoing task, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. For sneakers, a quick crease-removal session every few weeks can keep them looking in top shape, especially if you wear them frequently. Leather shoes may not need this treatment as often, but giving them some TLC every couple of months can prevent creases from setting in too deeply. Remember, regular care not only keeps your shoes looking great but also extends their life, so it’s worth the effort.


Creases in your shoes aren’t the end of the world, and with the right care, you can restore them to their near-original state. Whether it’s using an iron for your sneakers or treating your leather shoes with conditioner and gentle heat, these methods can make a significant difference. And with the addition of crease protectors for your sneakers, you can keep those annoying folds at bay.

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