How To Get Better At Taking Photos With Your Smartphone

It’s hard to remember a time without smartphones, or even those thick, heavy mobiles that had enough battery retention to last for months. These days one of the biggest factors in choosing a smartphone is its photography and video capture capabilities. The technology within some of the latest smartphones is enough to rival some of the best video and photography equipment on the market, but believe it or not, you don’t have to have the best phone on the market to capture some truly breathtaking moments.

Whether you want to have better images on your IG grid, or you’re trying to capture those precious moments with your children, building your skills as a smartphone photographer will help you achieve all these things. Capturing these wonderful moments means you’ll have better images to share online and also within your home. On your walls, in photo frames, photobooks and family albums – check out hello canvas for the latest in canvas print options.  

So, in order to take better photos, you’re going to need to work on those smartphone photography skills. Read on for how you take better photos with your smartphone. 

Get to know your camera

Photography – with a smartphone or not – is so much more than just pointing the camera at a subject and pressing a button. If you want to make the most of your photos and get the full value of your smartphone technology, you need to get to know your camera and know what it’s capable of. How do you adjust the focus point? Where are the manual settings? What about the white balance and the shutter speed? Are there special modes for certain types of photography? Spend some time getting to know your smartphone camera and you’ll start taking better shots, instantly!

Take more photos outdoors

When it comes to smartphone photography, natural light is your friend and you’ll find that the quality of your photos is much clearer and stronger when you’re shooting outdoors in natural light. Better lighting equals better results! 

Avoiding zooming in

Maybe you’re trying to capture a plane flying overhead or you want to zoom in on someone’s face, we use the zoom feature for a variety of reasons, however, if you want to significantly improve the quality of your photos and get better at taking them, you should avoid using it where possible. Digital zoom usually means grainy photos and blurred images! 

Remember the rules of thirds!

To make your images more visually appealing and natural-looking, you should remember the rule of thirds. When your camera is divided into a grid, you should aim to keep the subject of your photo within the middle of these intersecting lines. This clever photography trick draws the eye into the centre of the image, placing prominence on the subject. Check out some online examples to get you started.

And finally, practice makes perfect

All those beautiful images and perfect selfies you see on IG or the stunning photos captured by your wedding photographer weren’t captured by chance. It takes a lot of practice and dedication to improve your photography skills. So, practice! 


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