How to Get Your Kids Out the Door in Time for School

As any parent will know, the morning routine is not always smooth sailing and sometimes it can be hard work to get your children out the door on time for school.  Fortunately, with some changes in your habits as a family, there are ways to speed up the process and make it easier on everyone. Here are some tips from an independent boys’ school.

You’ve probably heard this one a few times: pack your bags the night before! This applies to both yourself and your children. Getting organised the night before means there shouldn’t be any last minute rushing in the morning. Make sure that all homework is complete, letters are signed, lunch is made, and clothes are laid out ready for the morning. 

If you have youngsters who need your help getting dressed in the mornings, make sure that you are up and ready before they are. There’s nothing worse than trying to apply your mascara with a nagging child calling for your help. It’s an impossible task trying to get yourself and your child ready at the same time, so set your alarm nice and early so that you have time for a coffee and shower in peace before you proceed to assist your little ones.

It might be worth introducing rewards for your children to help encourage them to speed up their morning routine. For instance, if they think that they can have half an hour on their iPads before they leave for school, they might be more inclined to get dressed quicker. Star charts also work well. 

The best thing to do is try out a few different tactics and see what works best for your family. Children respond well to routine so make sure that the steps you take each morning are the same every day; that way they will know what’s coming next. You should also always lead by example and demonstrate punctuality and organisation around your kids!