How to Improve Parent-Teen Relationships

Any parent of a teenager will understand that this period of life comes with a unique set of challenges and can sometimes cause rifts in the parent-child relationship. From facing secondary school to going through puberty, a new found sense of independence and introducing new relationships it can be a difficult time for both teenagers and parents to get through.  

There are lots of ways to combat the challenges that come with having a teenage son or daughter and ensure your relationship with them doesn’t suffer, as discussed below by a top London sixth form, Brampton College.

Give Independence

As your children start to grow into teenagers put your trust in them to make the right decisions for themselves and help to build their independence. They will respect you for it and start to feel more grown up which should lead to them acting in a more responsible way. 

Quality Time

During the teenage years it can become more difficult to persuade your little one to spend any time with you. They might start to spend more and more time with their friends or just feel like being in their room alone more. It is however very important to continue to spend quality time with your children as much as you can. Maybe introduce family meal times so you have time every day to have a chat or start a tradition to encourage more one on one time such as Sunday Shopping or Tuesday night cinema trips. 

Accept Boundaries

The transformation into a teenager can be a scary time for both you and your child, everything is changing and emotions can be high. Sometimes your teenager might want some time alone, stop telling you every detail of their day or suddenly stop wanting to hug you in public. As hard as it can be just try to accept their boundaries. This is just a phase of their life that they should come through the other side of but if you push too far you could damage your relationship with them. 

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