How to improve your chances of giving up smoking

We all know that smoking is a bad habit. Yet, despite this, for some reason, it is still incredibly difficult to give up. I was stunned to read that around 70% of the people who smoke would dearly love to quit, but can’t. Sometimes it is because they have not found the right method for them. Other times, life gets in the way a bit. Or their level of motivation is just not high enough. 

There is no doubt that stopping yourself from smoking is not easy. But that does not mean that you should just give up. As you will see there are lots of things you can do to greatly improve your chances of succeeding.

Try the vaping method

Studies show that taking up vaping is a very effective way to quit. So, if you have not tried it yet, why not do so. There is a huge selection of vaping liquid for you to choose from. So, with a bit of trial and error, you are bound to find one that you enjoy at least as much as you do cigarettes.

Most of the best manufacturers sell multi-packs which contain different flavours and strengths. Typically, buying a couple of these is far cheaper than buying individual e-liquid cartridges. 

Give up with a friend

We are incredibly influenced by what people around us say and do. This is both a good and a bad thing. Fortunately, you can use that fact to encourage yourself to stop smoking. Agreeing with a friend, or better still a group of friends, to give up together can work wonders. You will not want to let each other down, so will be far more motivated to quit. 

Avoid situations in which you normally smoke

For many people lighting up is habitual, even ritualistic. If you normally light up while waiting for your train in the morning, when you try to give up that is when you will find yourself most tempted to smoke. Being aware of this and changing what you do to avoid those situations for a while can help you to break the habit. 

The fact that we are in lockdown may work to your advantage. Many of us are no longer following our regular routines, so those points in the day during which we habitually smoke are no longer there. 

Use technology to help you

It is also worth exploring some of the technology and gadgets that are available to help you to quit. There are some really good apps out there that are designed to provide you with advice, support and an easy way to keep track of your progress. This excellent article tells you about the best ones.

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  • Henry

    I really liked this article you have covered so much of what is important before you start to give up smoking. Most important having a reason to give up. Unless you have a real desire to stop smoking you will struggle. The most important thing is you want to stop.

    I think it is also important to remember that smoking is a habit as well as an addiction. And it becomes part of everyday life. We may have one after a meal, during the break from work, as a reward for doing a task etc. It can be useful to anticipate these times and to have something to replace those cigarettes.

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