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How To Invest In Vintage Timepieces

Many people don’t purchase a watch, they invest in one. Even if they end up spending a lot on a vintage piece, there’s one thing that they keep in mind and that is appreciation.

Here are some important qualities to look out for when starting your collection and  or you are looking for vintage wrist watches for sale at


The Manufacturer

The stamp found on the watch’s dial can affect its importance. Rolex, Patek, Omega, and Vacheron are the most recognized pieces for their high returns in auctions. Smaller manufacturers have also enjoyed heightened interest, but they are occasional exceptions. The high end brands are best the majority of the time, but don’t neglect the smaller brands, you can never predict what they could be worth later on.

Case Metal

When buying a classic sports watch, be it an AP Royal Oak or a Rolex Sub, stay away from two-tone, it’s simply a terrible investment. However, it can also be a good investment when it comes to Vacheron and Patek where there is a rare metal combination.

You Don’t Have to Invest in What Everyone Else Likes

Did you know that the Daytona used to be Rolex’s least popular sports watch? Today, it’s one of the most collected timepieces in the market. How come? During that time, consumers and industry figures liked the other watches better, leaving the Daytona sales to fail. Many years later, it had started getting acknowledgment for its scarcity as well as its one-of-a-kind aesthetics. It was also used by a famous actor and racer, Paul Newman, so that helped its appreciation, too. So you really don’t always have to get what everyone else loves.

Where To Buy

Starting your collection may seem easy at first, but purchasing vintage wrist watches isn’t really a walk in the park. Time and money are essential, as is knowing what you want and finding the top antique jewellery provider from Sydney.

Anyone can go online or walk into a shop and buy a Rolex Date just for £3000. But, what if the watch is only worth half that amount? That’s why auctions can be the way to go. Sotheby’s, Christies, Antiquorum and Bonham’s are some world premier destinations for purchasing and selling antique watches. Prices are usually well below retail and all the pieces are authenticated by renowned experts as well as graded based on their condition.

If you much prefer to purchase your watches for a set price and minus any additional fees, online at Kalmar Antiques is the way to go. Besides getting antique watches from an auction, transacting with highly reputable and respected dealers is also a recommended option.

Looking Ahead

We all know that there are rewards and risks associated with any kind of investment we tend to make. But it’s important to realise the importance of horological knowledge when it comes to investing in vintage wrist watches. Speculation tends to play a major role in buying the “right” watch and one that will yield substantial returns in the future.

Of course, you may have decided to begin a vintage watch collection just because you love the watches. That’s okay, so long as you stick to investing in items you really like!

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