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How to Kick Start Your Trip with the Perfect Daily Motivation

‘A journey is best measured in friends than miles’. This quote by Tim Cahill is considered one of the best tips that any traveler will ever get. If you are a traveling enthusiast, you appreciate how stimulating it is to find new people and create lasting friendships. Indeed most successful people are inspired not by their education but the knowledge they gather while travelling.

Well, before you hit the road for your next trip, it is important to learn from those who came before you. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, having motivation  messages at your fingertips really helps. Not only is it mentally stimulating but the knowledge you gather enlarges your scope of understanding.

From ancient explorers, thinkers, religious leaders to global business gurus there are so many sources of daily motivation that will make your life better. When you subscribe to daily motivational and travel quotes you are assured of new insight every single day.

So how else can a motivational travel message help you? Here are some ideas:

  • More Perspective

Whether you are from the largest city in the world or the tiniest town in your state it is important to appreciate that there is a larger world out there. The French novelist; Gustave Flaubert said travelling helps make you modest. It is an easy way to help you appreciate the tiny place you occupy in the larger sphere of things. When you get a message like this before you hit the road, it not only tempers your expectations but prepares you for any surprises along the way.



  • New Learning

Ibn Battuta the medieval Muslim scholar and traveler is an authority when it comes to travel and motivation.  He was renowned all over the Orients and his works still stand out. As a traveler the scholar is renowned for remarking about the impact of the journey which turns one into a story teller. With every trip you make you learn more about new places and this is information you will then turn into stories.

  • Killing Prejudice

Mark Twain is renowned for a keen insight on societal issues. One of his unforgettable comments was on the importance of travelling in killing prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.  As an avid traveling enthusiast, you appreciate how important it is to experience new cultures in order to fully appreciate them. Henry Miller also added about a destination never being one place but a new way of seeing things.




  • Peace of Mind

Everyone experiences doubt and especially when you are about to travel to a new place. It was Chuck Thompson the sportscaster who remarked that no place is as bad as everyone will have you believe. Before you hit the road, make sure you are fully motivated by reading a quote of the day work message.  Not only will you start the day on the right footing but also without a feeling of doubt hanging above your head.

There you have it; you can now enrich your world by learning from the wisdom of others who have gone through your experience. Get ready to start your day more energized and enlightened.

Author Bio

Mark Miller is a travelling enthusiast from Florida. He is also a prolific writer and gets daily motivation from his experiences across the globe. He shares quote of the day work and travel messages with readers.

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