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How to make the best use of your space

We’d all like the luxury of having ample space at home. Sadly though, square footage comes at a premium in today’s property market. However, the fact that a house or flat is a little on the small side doesn’t mean it can’t exude style and glamour, and be highly practical too. Here are some top tips to help you make the most of every inch of your home.


Be imaginative with your storage solutions

Perhaps most importantly, get creative with your storage solutions. There are a host of innovative products out there for you to make the most of, and you might be surprised by how much additional storage you can squeeze into your property by using a little imagination. For example, you may benefit from taking a look at the bespoke shelving systems offered by specialist suppliers like Shelfstore. You can design these products to perfectly match the dimensions of your rooms.

These shelves can be fitted virtually anywhere, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped the available space is. Perhaps you’d like to add shelves to the area under your stairs and to the space above the toilet cistern in your bathroom. Also, think about positioning shelves above the cupboards in your kitchen. There, they can provide extra storage for food, crockery and more. Here is a valuable read on how to decorate a ladder shelf to add life to your stairs.


Invest in multifunctional furniture

Another top tip is to invest in multifunctional items of furniture. When you’re choosing your sofa, consider designs that can double up as guest beds too. This way, you can transform your lounge into an extra sleeping space whenever you have visitors over to stay. Meanwhile, as well as providing a place to perch, ottomans can offer hidden storage.

It’s also worth considering whether a dining table that doubles up as a desk would make a good addition to your home.


Create the illusion of added square footage

As well as focusing on these practical issues, it’s important to think about the look of your property. There are certain clever tactics you can employ to make your rooms appear larger than they actually are. For example, be sure to use plenty of mirrors. These reflective items create the illusion of added space. Also, make the most of any natural lighting on offer, and use an array of artificial illuminations in your rooms to ensure they always look bright and airy. Neutral colour schemes tend to work best in bijou spaces, and design touches like sheer curtains and glass-fronted cabinets can help to open rooms up.

It’s also savvy to select the same flooring for adjacent rooms. This will help to ensure the spaces flow into one another, giving the impression they are larger.

By following simple suggestions like these, you shouldn’t struggle to make the most of your space.


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