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How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s certainly true that this is where most people meet and swap stories. It helps families to create and maintain a special bond. 

But, while the kitchen may be the heart, the living room is where you unwind and relax. To enable this the living room needs to feel spacious, inviting, and relaxing. That means you need to get the interior decoration right. A large part of that is making the living room look bigger.

Fortunately, there are several ways to do this. 

Add light

The brighter a room the larger and more inviting it will feel. That’s why houses with lots of windows are so popular. Of course, you can add windows to your living room. But, this is an expensive option and may not be practical.

Instead, use mirrors to bounce the light that enters around the room. You only need two or three mirrors to transform the feel of your living room, making it seem much larger. 

Use A Rug

It may surprise you but choosing high-quality rugs is easier than you think and they can make a living room feel larger. The trick is to choose a large rug but one that isn’t as big as the room. Ideally, all your furniture will be on the rug with a gap around the edge of the room. If this isn’t possible then just have the front legs of your furniture on the rug. The combination of beautiful oak flooring with a high quality rug is such a stunning style choice.

The rug will pull focus into the room and make it feel like there is space around the main living area, instantly making the room feel bigger. 

Go For Light Colours

Dark colours make a room feel warmer and smaller. If you want your living room to feel bigger you need to use pale colours, whites, off-whites, and pastels are the best options. These increase the feeling of light in a room, instantly making it seem bigger. 

If you want to embrace darker and richer colours to create specific scenes and evoke certain feelings, use them as part of your soft furnishings, cushions and curtains. It makes a good impact and they are easy to change if you want to refocus your décor. 

Keep It Simple

As well as using rugs and choosing light colours you should remember that clutter makes any space feel small. Take a look at the furniture and accessories in your living room and eliminate any that aren’t needed.

You won’t miss them and it will make your room feel larger. 

Position the Furniture Off the Wall

If your furniture is against the walls the room instantly feels smaller and cramped. It’s a strange phenomenon as moving the furniture away from the walls makes an instant difference. If you’re not convinced, try it!

Final Thoughts

To make your living room feel bigger you should embrace all the above tactics. Together they can transform the space and make it feel like you’ve extended your living room. Best of all, there is minimal cost involved. 


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