How To Prepare For A Child Playdate

Child playdates are a great way of helping your child and their friends get to know one another with fun and exciting activities that encourage communication. This also helps your child learn how to socialise with other young kids from their nursery, or make connections with children at their new nursery or pre-school.

To prepare for a child playdate there are a few things to consider. It means your child should feel like they can do what their heart desires, while also making a real connection with the many toddlers they will come across. Here are some ways you can get ready for these special moments in your child’s communicative development. 

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Set a date that works

It’s all well and good having an ideal date in mind for your child to meet up with one of their friends, but it has to work for both parties. It could also require you heading out to have this playdate instead of being at home to host proceedings. It should also be a playdate with someone your child knows, or at least enjoys the company of from nursery or outside of school.

Choose recognisable environments

Safe spaces are going to be key for children at this age. If you take your child to another place that they’re not comfortable with you do run the risk of tantrums and other disagreements between each other. Similarly with your child’s friend – they shouldn’t be feeling uncomfortable either. Stick to recognisable places, like a park you both regularly go to, or a home.

Move special items out 

Has your child got a favourite teddy bear? Or a toy they would be upset to lose or break? Remove them from these scenarios, as they can cause issues if a mess does break out and you end the day with a very tearful child. 

Keep playdates small

A playdate should normally be between two children hoping to make a friendship that lasts. Something that is too crowded or overwhelming for a child is likely to spark trouble. If your child has siblings, try to keep them out of the picture – their confidence or personality differences can overshadow what you’re trying to achieve at a playdate. Make it about you, your child, their new friend, and their parents.

A playdate can go really successful or it will come across some bumps on the road, but there will be plenty of opportunities to improve if that is the case. Fortunately, many environments like at this Nursery in Tooting Bec, will have the means to help you and your child build lasting friendships.


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