How To Raise A Respectful Child

Respect is a quality that all of us should learn to master. Instilling manners and strong self-esteem into your child are key ways that your child will build healthy relationships with others, form bonds and show respect towards others throughout their lives.

These suggestions from this independent nursery in Birmingham will show you how to encourage respect and kindness at home.

Show your child respect in the home

One of the key ways to promote respect is by showing your child how you promote respect in your own life. You are one of their biggest role models and one they look up to, and will begin to imitate a lot of things that you do around the home, so be sure to show them what it means to be kind. It is important that children learn about Primary Socialization – i.e the rules of how we treat people and how we should be treated, and this has to start in the home.

Show them the benefits of having positive self-esteem

One way of showing to your child how to be respectful is how they feel about themselves. Low self-esteem can mean your child is more negative, has low moods and less likely to take up extracurricular activities, or enjoy their time in school.

To ensure your child has a level of self worth, show them how to look after themselves. From eating a healthy rich diet, engaging in plenty of activities with your child and keeping up with their own personal hygiene are ways of encouraging your child to feel better about themselves and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Allow them to socialise

Giving your child the freedom to speak to others, communicate with friends and make new ones along the way will give them the confidence they need to speak with others. It will also show them the levels of respect they should give to other people when speaking to them for the first time.

A good way to improve your child’s socialisation skills is by encouraging them to take part in sports at school, after school clubs or societies.


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