How to Raise a Science Lover

Lots of parents are a little apprehensive when it comes to helping their children with science, especially those who did not pursue a career in that industry and have little understanding of it themselves. You may even be wondering how to encourage your child to find an interest in science in the first place, let alone how to help them perform well in it. A boys’ prep school in Sevenoaks have the following advice.

There are plenty of career opportunities in science-related subjects, so there’s no wonder that many parents are hoping to nurture a love of this subject within their children from a young age. But how can this be done? The best place to start would be trying to make science something that is discussed a lot within your home. The more your kids hear about it from a young age, the more of an interest they will likely have in this area. You should also try and encourage your kids to be inquisitive and ask lots of questions about the world around them.

Dinner time is a great opportunity for your family to sit down together and discuss science related topics. For instance, you may have heard something in the news like a medical breakthrough or severe weather conditions that you can mention during your evening meal. Conversations like this will normalise science for your children and show them how it can affect so many different areas of life. 

Try and take part in as many science related activities as possible with your youngsters, especially if they are primary school aged. This could be experiments or investigations, or something as simple as watching a film. You can also invest in some science equipment that will make learning fun. You can use this guide on how to buy a microscope for your kids for more information.

Have a chat with your child’s teachers and find out a little more about the curriculum and what they might be learning about in their science lessons. That will help you incorporate similar lessons and activities in your spare time so that your children find them more relatable.

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