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How To Show Your Pregnant Friend That You Care

As the Summer season emerges on the horizon, while most of us think about picking our holiday destinations and what to wear once we get there, things might not be as easy for some of our friends, like those who are pregnant. The hot season can be a struggle in pregnancy, especially in its advanced stages. Here are some ways you can help ease this challenging journey for your pregnant loved ones:

Remember the mums, not just the babies. While the arrival of a new baby is a big deal, in our excitement about the little ones, we often forget to include gifts for the new mums on our shopping lists. Especially in those last few months, and particularly if these are hot ones, the new mum will appreciate the thought. Some new, comfy clothes to wear might be a good idea, but there are a few other practical items which could come in handy, both before and after the baby arrives. Some of these are included in our shortlist below. 

Pregnancy pillows. You cannot overstate the importance of a good, restful night’s sleep during pregnancy, particularly in those later months leading up to the big arrival day. It can often be a tall ask in the late stages, with the growing bump making it tricky to find the right position to fall sleep and to remain so through the night. That’s where pregnancy pillows can come in quite handy. They can be an excellent tool for finding the perfect position that will help your pregnant friend finally get a good night’s sleep. They will be eternally grateful if that happens. The pillow could also be a brilliant tool to help with feeding the baby once it arrives, providing some extra support for its head, allowing the new mum to relieve stress on her arms and back, and enjoy those moments with the little one. 

Massages and massage oils. Massage oils can be extremely useful in pregnancy. Swollen feet, stretch marks on bumps and breasts – you name it, regular massage can help with all of these and more. But what a lot of us don’t realise is that massage oils can also help out with and even prevent difficult births. The perineal massage oil can ease the experience of giving birth and help prevent tears. According to the NHS, it is a good idea to use the perineal massage oils daily from the 34rd week of pregnancy to get well prepared for the big arrival day.  

Another hidden benefit of these is they can be an excellent relaxant. The NHS guide also suggests that it is a good idea to do the massage after a warm bath, helping relax the body before the massage. And why not reap double benefits of the treatment? Such a soothing, calming massage could also be an excellent exercise for both in the couple, leading into a romantic evening in. Or the perfect way to start a long overdue pampering evening. These could be much needed before the little one arrives and takes over much of their free time and focus.  

There are multiple options to choose from, depending on the needs of the mum-to-be and the challenges of the pregnancy. But why not treat your pregnant friend to a massage oil gift pack, like these ones from Motherlylove, combining the whole array of benefits? Some of them even include comforting bath oils to aid that relaxing preparation for the much-needed perineum massage. Other pregnancy pamper packs you can easily find online include face masks, calming teas, and chocolate, among other lovely things, so you won’t have trouble finding that perfect gift for your friend, once you start looking. 

Shoes. Comfortable shoes can also be really important during pregnancy – to help with the extra load that your friend is carrying. But getting them on can also be tricky, especially in those later stages of pregnancy, with the growing baby bump. Particularly if the shoes have the added obstacle of laces. Fortunately, it can also be easily avoided with a pair that does not require such frustrating effort. Also, much easier to find in the Summer, with a wider choice of footwear that is easy to just slip on.  

And sock aids are also a thing, in case you were wondering, as well as bed ladders (yes, to help them get up from bed, which can be tricky in those advanced stages)! So, you cannot say that there is a lack of choices to help your friend get through some of the trickiest months of their life. They will love your thoughtfulness, with everyone else obsessed with baby socks and cute onesies. But do make sure that you listen to their needs before deciding on the perfect gift – nobody wants an enormous pillow they will never use clogging up their closet!

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