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How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

After a dark and dreary winter, nothing beats a spring clean to refresh your bedroom and get ready for the summer ahead.

Spring cleaning is one of those tasks we hate to think about, but when we get going, it’s actually enjoyable. There’s something therapeutic about cleaning and getting our houses in order, especially in today’s hectic world.

Here’s how to spring clean your bedroom the right way:

Get your supplies ready

Spring cleaning your bedroom requires only a few supplies:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Kitchen roll
  • Long reach duster
  • Neutral cleansing spray (like Dettol)
  • White vinegar and water mix for glass
  • Air freshener that neutralises odours
  • Carpet cleaning spray (or floor cleaner for wood)

Wait for a fine/sunny day

Spring cleaning is better when the weather is fine/sunny because light will flood your bedroom and make it easier to clean. You can also pop outside and put things in the bin without treading water and muck inside your house.

March/April is the best time to have a spring clean, although before June is good (after this, a spring clean becomes a summer clean). Set some budget aside, just in case you find something nasty and have to call in household pest control to get rise of some unwanted visitors.

Step 1: Tidy and declutter

Tidy your bedroom and get rid of all the clutter and rubbish you accumulated during the winter. Be as ruthless as you can to get rid of old shoes, clothes, ornaments, and décor that you once liked but no longer want or need. For larger items use household rubbish removals to help you to make space and remove clutter. 

Step 2: Dusting time 

There’s no point hoovering before dusting because you’ll only knock lots of dust onto the floor anyway. Always dust first!

Firstly, take a long-reach duster, dust your ceiling corners, spray a microfibre cloth with a cleansing spray, and wipe down all the hard surfaces you can see. Work from top to bottom to ensure you get every surface.

Pull out furniture and dust behind it. To thoroughly clean your bedroom, you want to remove as much surface dust as possible.

Step 3: Hoover up 

Next, get your hoover and hoover the floor, working hard to cover every square inch so there’s no visible dirt left.

If you have cats or dogs, an animal attachment will come in handy to lift hair, but failing this, you can dampen a rag and agitate the floor to remove hair and fur from carpet (this also works a treat on stairs).

Step 4: Clean the floor

Use carpet cleaning spray and a sponge to clean your floor. For carpet stains, use Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover or a solution of white vinegar, water, and baking soda to lift stubborn stains right out of the fibres.

If you have a wooden floor, use a steam mop with a mild cleaning solution to clean the floor and lift any last particles of dust.

Step 5: Make your bedroom smell lovely

Spray all fabrics with Febreze (or another fabric freshener) and spray the air with an odour neutraliser. Probiotic air sprays are a good option because they continue working for several days after they are sprayed, keeping your bedroom fresh for longer.

Consider a new bed

With a spring clean comes the opportunity to replace old furniture. If your bed is old and past its best, replacing it will refresh your bedroom and give it a new lease of life.

Ottoman beds are an excellent option because it has a lift-up base, giving you an incredible amount of hidden storage space. If you struggle to keep your bedroom tidy, an ottoman bed is a worthwhile upgrade.

Consider a new colour scheme

If your bedroom is looking dated you can refresh it with new colours. Springtime is an excellent time to try light pastel colours to make your bedroom bright, or you can refresh your walls with a fresh coat of white emulsion.

Avoid dark and dreary colours. Otherwise, your bedroom will be at odds with the free, light, and happy feelings of spring and summer.

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