How To Stay Mindful When Drinking? – Learn Some Tips And Advice

Being oriented and fully engaged is one of the most important qualities you must have if you drink alcohol with your friends. However, this may end up getting worse if you are not cautious and mindful of what you drink. It actually has the tendency to end up in accidents, injuries, and many more.

In this context, being mindful when you drink is a challenging and overwhelming task most people are not accustomed to, especially in social gatherings where alcohol consumption is common. You don’t have to depend on professionals with certificate for serving alcohol

In this article, we will discuss how to stay mindful when drinking. It can help individuals be more conscious of their decisions, avoid potential risks, and maintain power over their emotions and behaviours about alcohol consumption. Here are some practical strategies to keep you mindful when drinking alcohol.

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Eat Before Drinking

When you drink, the alcohol enters the mouth, intestines, and even the bloodstream. However, the only problem when drinking without food in your stomach is that alcohol will be absorbed a lot faster, and your alcohol may start to kick in faster than you would have normally expected it.

We recommend never going on an empty stomach before drinking, regardless of how much you consume. This way, managing your drinking can be done more than on an empty stomach. We also recommend you avoid eating salty foods as it can only make you more thirsty and will likely give you the idea to drink more.

Lastly, you must drink plenty of water before or while you are having the drinking session. This will keep you always hydrated. Do not mix and match sugary drinks with alcoholic beverages or energy drinks.

Count Your Drinks

While it’s easier said than done, counting your drinks during the entire session can help you be mindful of the things you do while still being able to socialize with your peers. Why? It’s because it is easy to drink than you will realize.

Also, standard drinks are like cans of beer; anything you consume more than that, you will later realize you have taken more than it should. Whenever you and your friends plan on drinking over the weekend, and you still have to go home after, setting yourself up with a drinking limit allows you to make conscious decisions without the alcohol kicking in.

As a result, you can go home safely while still monitoring your friends on whether they are intoxicated. You can also munch on snacks or foods to keep your tummy full, as it will most likely absorb alcohol longer.

Don’t Accept Drinks from Other People

This scenario is challenging for most people as some wouldn’t take no for an answer. However, you can simply brush them off by politely saying, “Thanks, but I have had enough.” This way, they won’t get offended, which can become ugly as most people aren’t receiving it when alcohol kicks in.

In addition, you don’t have to accept it because you may not know what’s inside the drink. This way, you know what you drink without potentially getting drunk because the one that was offered was a strong drink. But always remember, if someone offers you a drink, you can politely say no.

Understanding Your Alcohol Intake

Knowing what you are capable of and how much you have can be difficult for any person. If you just drink casually and find yourself becoming tipsy by drinking just a few bottles, then you should reduce your intake. It may be the best idea to skip a bottle once the first one is finished.

Don’t push yourself; your night can easily spiral downward if you are not careful. If you also have a high tolerance for alcohol, you have to make sure you are taking not more than your tolerance level. But for those who get tipsy with just a few bottles, consuming them in a timely manner before the night ends can set you up for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Indulge Yourself in Drinking Games

More likely than not, you won’t be able to count your drinks if you constantly chug bottle after bottle because you always lose when playing drinking games. We recommend you just skip those and offer yourself to become a game master.

Drinking games aim you to get drunk fast. Don’t try to keep up with your friends just for the sake of it. Know what your limits are, and one of the best diversions you can do is talk to someone you know in the area, or if there’s a pool, you can simply swim and have fun in the pool area.


Alcohol consumption and being mindful are two difficult things each individual has to do. However, if you know your limits and what you are capable of, you can help keep your emotions in check and avoid potential risks such as going into a brawl, accidents, freak injuries, and even death.

Always remember alcohol consumption is one of the best ways to socialize with peers. However, it has to be taken in moderation as alcohol drinking is one of the most obvious reasons why people get into accidents. Drink in moderation and always have an alternative ready to end the night on a good note without facing any potential risks.

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