How To Stylishly Carry All Of Your Things When Out With Children

I remember the days before having a child when I could choose any handbag I wanted because all I had to carry was my stuff, the things that I wanted or needed. But flash forward to those early days of being a mom, and suddenly you seem to be carrying your whole life, and someone’s else’s, around with you.

Most new mom’s opt for a baby bag, and, it has to be said, the modern versions of baby bags are pretty stylish, particularly if your style doesn’t lend itself to something covered in bunnies and ducks. These are brilliant in that they often have space for bottles, a portable changing mat etc, but I always felt that I did not want to be searching through them to find my purse, keys or phone.

The Cross body bag is the perfect way to keep all your belongings to hand, and still be able to have your hands free to push the pushchair or hold your children’s hands. There are a range of styles that incorporate branded looks from the likes of Radley and high street versions, where River Island is always a go to place. Size is also something you can choose, from something small and sleek in a messenger style that just carries the essentials, to larger varieties if you tend to carry more stuff with you (a bottle of water, notepad etc.)


Celebrities have certainly embraced the cross body bag trend, realising that the security of having your bag so close to you makes it perfect for occasions like sightseeing whilst on holiday, or mingling in the crowd at festivals. But it is also brilliant for mothers, keeping your most important belongings close to you and leaving your hands free for feeding, holding hands with your child, getting your purse out etc. It also looks great with most outfits, whether that be a cotton summer dress, or a pair of jeans.

Practical, stylish and on trend, Cross body bags are a brilliant addition to your bag wardrobe.

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