How To Support Your Toddler With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very common thing spotted in toddlers when they begin to head to a nursery or will be going to some form of childcare, as noted by this private nursery Monmouthshire. There will no doubt be tearful moments and perhaps crying in front of teachers, but they have to learn that this is their new safe space where they will develop a lot of new skills.

To help your child with separation anxiety, here are some tips.

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Give them something to look forward to

Drop off your child and then remind them of an upcoming plan you’ve arranged for them later. This surge of excitement in your child will keep them going throughout the day and will help them look forward to something after they have spent a hard day going through nursery school life. It helps your child with their focus, as well as keeping things in control as best they can until they can see you again.

Give them a soothing toy

Your child may already have a favourite toy they would like to use to help them feel more comfortable, or a blanket they prefer over others. This is the perfect time to give your child something like that to take with them to nursery, so that they can turn to it in moments of unrest. These toys or blankets will often have the scent of home, or of you, on them to help feel safe. 

Keep things positive

Every morning you will have to drop your child to their nursery and you may be heading home or going to work. Your child will now not see you for several hours and it can feel taxing for them, which is when the tears can start to flow and erratic behaviour occurs. This is when you need to maintain a positive attitude and remind them of where they will be going and why. This is where your child begins to learn new things, and it can become a very exciting prospect for them as they get older.

Separation anxiety is fairly common, but it can also be slowly eradicated as your child gets used to their surroundings, finds the fun in everyday life and develops their skills. So long as you are patient, you will see the growth in them.


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