How well do you know the Chinese Zodiac?

Did you know wearing red in your Chinese zodiac year can actually save you from bad luck? It sounds crazy – but it’s true!

The Chinese zodiac is a calendar system which repeats every 12 years, with each year assigned one of the 12 zodiac animals. Your birth date will match one of these animals – and your zodiac year will then repeat every 12 years. In 2018, the Chinese new year (which falls on the 16th February) is actually the year of the dog.

If this happens to be your zodiac animal – we’re sorry to report that you may be in store for some bad luck. Tai Sui, who holds the rather impressive title of “God of Age”, does not take kindly to people in their zodiac years. He won’t send you a nasty tweet or anything – but he will curse you with a years worth of bad luck!

In the past, people would offer sacrifices to the deity to escape his wrath – but there are a number of less gory methods to avoid the curse. And you definitely don’t want to be carrying around any curse while playing the lottery or slots.

Happen to have a pile of red clothes given to you by your family members, spouse or friends? Then quickly put them on! Red is a prosperous colour in Chinese culture and is revered for warding away evil spirits and bad luck. While you’re at it, put on some jade jewelry; jade is another good luck symbol in Chinese culture.

Learning about the Chinese new year symbols and their themes has definite benefits – so how well do you know yours? Take our little quiz and find out; who knows… you could save yourself from some potentially nasty bad luck!

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