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Ideas To Make A Play Area In The Garden

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, one thing is pretty much guaranteed – your children will want to be playing out in the garden. As much as they may enjoy playing in a public park, your garden is their own safe space, a place to play, explore and use their imagination.

Many of us who have gardens have an area that is specifically for our children to play in, one that isn’t filled with flowers and expensive plant pots, but instead perfect for games. for climbing and for fun. This post is all about the things you can do to make your garden more friendly for your children to ensure hours of enjoyment and excitement.

Think about the floor surfacing

Paving stones and slabs can look nice, and are easy to clean and jet wash, but they can also cause bumps and bruises for children when they are playing, so something more child friendly should be considered an option. This can be the traditional grassy lawn, or a less traditional, but all weather friendly astro turf style covering, a brilliant choice if you have football mad kids who want to change their garden into a mini Wembley Stadium. If that doesn’t work you can always hire professionals to install asphalt pavement as Infinity Asphalt offers. You can contact them now. Bark is another safe choice, particularly if you are adding play apparatus.

Add Some Apparatus

Whether it be things to climb on, things to swing on, or things to slide on, children love play apparatus in their garden spaces. A company like Fatmoose can let you have a combined option in the form of a wooden climbing frame that incorporates swings and slides with ladders and climbing equipment. These can come in a range of sizes to match your garden space, and are not only great fun, but a brilliant way of keeping your child fit and active, as well as encouraging co-operative play. They are beautifully made, in stylish solid wood, which means they are safe and sturdy and hard wearing enough to last years.

A Space For Planting And Growing

Encouraging your child to have a love of their outdoor environment goes beyond just wanting to play. A space where they can plant and grow their own flowers, herbs or vegetables also encourages a sense of responsibility, and gives them the opportunity to achieve something. Sunflowers are a great, easy plant to grow that shows spectacular results fairly quickly.In addition to growing plants, you could encourage a love of wildlife by adding a bird table or bird feeder and getting your child to fill this with nuts so they can see which birds pay a visit to your garden.

Sand And Water

A simple pleasure for children, and one which doesn’t take up a lot of space, is a sand and water table. You don’t actually need to buy lots of expensive tools to use in this, any old bottles and containers you may have in your kitchen can provide hours of fun. Water is particularly popular fun on warm, sunny days.

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