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I’m loving Rapisardi boots

As the weather gets colder, and temperatures continue to drop, many of us actually look forward to the return to wearing boots. But, if we are being brutally honest, finding the right boots can be a difficult process. We want a pair that is durable and hard-wearing, but also need them to look good. We need them to be comfortable, but zip fastenings can pinch the legs, especially if we have muscular, or larger calves.  Thankfully, popular shoe retailer may have found the answer to all our boot dilemmas.

MoZiMo have recently started stocking boots by the Italian company Rapisardi. Rapisardi is a family business that has been well established in Italy for over 100 years, particularly well-known for its beautiful sandals that often incorporate brightly coloured straw and leather. This year they have produced some fine designs of boots that bring to mind the styles that have been championed by Kate Middleton in her public engagements.

Rapisardi Positano knee-length stretch boots in black Free UK Delivery Size Guide Rapisardi Positano knee-length stretch boots in black Free UK Delivery Size Guide £98.00 £98.00
Rapisardi Positano knee-length stretch boots in black

Rapisardi have created a perfect pair of stretch, pull-on boots in the Positano, which comes in black and brown shades. The boots are robust in that the zip fastening is aided by elastication which means they stay up the leg without rolling down, but will also stretch to accommodate a wider calf. The boots have a 8.5cm heel, but this is balanced by a platform that will make the boots more comfortable, whilst retaining the chic 1970s style of knee-high boots. I think these boots will look amazing with this season’s midi styles.

Rapisardi Amalfi stretchy knee-length boots £98 click to visit Rapisardi
Rapisardi Amalfi stretchy knee-length boots 

If you love the idea of the elasticated, stretch boot, but try to avoid high heels, Rapisardi have also got the perfect boot for you in the Amalfi design, which has all the features of the Positano boot, but with a heel that is more akin to a riding boot.  There is also a third design, the Sorrento, which covers the middle ground with a mid heel.

Rapisardi Sorento knee-length stretch boots £98 click to visit MoZiMo
Rapisardi Sorento knee-length stretch boots 

I think Rapisardi boots offer great quality and design, along with comfort too, making them a great choice this Autumn/Winter.

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