Important Tips on Installing New Doors

Doors take up a lot of space in your home while seeming to take up no space at all. They can add value to your home and create a sense of harmony while separating spaces if installed correctly. The wrong doors or the right doors fitted poorly will subtract value from your home and add a sense of chaos that’ll be off-putting to guests and affect residents on a subconscious level. 


All internal doors need to be updated together. Save time and money by buying online. To help imagine new doors hanging in new door frames, browse Online Door Store from a mobile or tablet. Go from doorway to doorway looking at final picks and imagine how each will look in each area with the visual aid. 

Door frames

Door frames are often neglected when buying new doors, even when the hinges and handles are remembered. Door frames withstand years of wear and tear without really noticing them. If they weren’t there the door would have nothing to hang from. If they’re cracked or crack soon after installing the new door, the door itself will need to come down. Not only is this time consuming, it can damage the new door. Replace door frames at the same time as the door. Door frames should match the door. If buying fire doors, buy frames for a fire door. 


Before ordering doors, you need to make sure the doors will fit. A poorly fitted door won’t offer the security and safety that a door needs to. Door frames aren’t the same size. Measure all door frames. If there’s already a perfectly fitted door that needs updating, measure the door. If there isn’t a door or a badly fitted, warped door, measure the door frame across the top, middle and bottom. The width may not be the same the entire way down. Take 3mm away from the measurements. Normal doors are usually 35mm and fire doors are 45mm. 


If you can’t fit the doors yourself, hire a joiner. A joiner is a professional who know what they are doing. They won’t damage your door. You might if you don’t know what you are doing. 


There’s signs and ads everywhere about the importance of reducing waste and laws against fly-tipping. Any old doors need to be disposed of. Some councils might have a recycle system instead of putting the doors in the tip. They can also be offered on freeconomy networks for upcycling. You might need to take the old handles and hinges off for recycling. If this is the case, handles and hinges can be recycled separately, or they too can be offered to local freeconomies, even if they’re broken. It is amazing what people can do with old and broken things. 


Make sure all doors match in style and colour. Mismatched doors will look chaotic. 

Installing doors doesn’t need to be daunting. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed, hire a professional at the first sign you are having problems.