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Improve Your Security: Home, Car And Business

I live in a semi rural area, one that has always been fairly quiet when it comes to crime, burglaries and occurrences that involve the police. But even in my village, which could generally be classed as sleepy, burglaries involving homes, cars and local businesses are definitely on the rise, and being complacent is no longer an option. When it comes to theft, prevention is better than cure, and there are things that we can do when it comes to protecting ourselves and our belongings.


A home alarm system is a great plus point when it comes to avoiding burglary, but the problem is that many homes have them, and then don’t actually use them. If you have an alarm, use it every time you leave the house. Verisure Alarms for Home & Business are the ideal place to look if you are unsure what sort of alarm would be best for your home as they are the No1 for alarms in Europe with over 4 million customers.

Make sure you shut all windows and doors properly when you go out, or go to bed. Many people leave windows vented to let air into their property, but this is a mistake, burglars only need the slightest of opportunities to get into your home and even the smallest of gaps is still an opening that can be exploited.

Try not to publicise you are on holiday through your social media, or at least restrict your settings to friends only so you are not advertising that your home is currently empty.


Your business is your livelihood, but it could definitely be the target for thieves and burglars. You need to be on top of your security systems, a company like Hoyles Electronic Developments could ensure that your systems are sufficient and effective.

One feature of small business premises that is currently being exploited by thieves is the emergency exit door. These are only supposed to be used in an emergency such as a sudden evacuation or a fire, but unfortunately can also provide a quick exit for those who are doing wrong. An exitguard could help to prevent misuse of fire doors and emergency exits by signalling when these are being opened without due cause, alerting you through an alarm.

Your Car

There are many forms of car security that you can use in order to protect your vehicle. Once again, alarms need to be set, wheel locks and immobilisers can deter the opportunist thief, and valuables need to be kept out of view, which should be obvious, but people still leave bags on seats which is an open invitation to a thief.

When you are at home, make sure to keep your car keys safe and out of view, modern sophisticated car thieves often use smart technology to disable security systems, so hanging your keys on a hook by the door is not a good idea.

What security do you use for your home, your business or your car?


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