In Support of Showers

Last week I posted about my love of baths as a way to relax, unwind and basically shake off the day. Having a bath is one of my fave ways to pass the time, but when my hubby read the post, he started waxing lyrical in support of showers. His argument was that showers are the best place to exfoliate, they invigorate and give you the perfect wake up call to start your day. He also claimed that they were the best option if you are short on time, and leave you feeling much cleaner than a bath ever could.

In light of this, today’s post is firmly in support of the shower and some of the stylish shower options that you can have in terms of stand alone showers, wet rooms and the amazing cullender shaped showers that can fit over stand alone bath tubs.

Wet Rooms

When we first moved into our home, it had a wet room rather than a bathroom. I changed it because I wanted to take our house back to its Victorian roots (and also wanted a bath!) but there is no doubt that a wet room is both a cool, modern and practical option. It suits ultra modern and minimal styling, is perfect for those with disabilities, or the elderly, who struggle with climbing into a bath or traditional shower, and can also work in bathrooms where space is an issue. The wet room cost may not be as much as you think and is definitely worth checking out if you want to create a modern, functional space that would suit the whole family regardless of age and disability.

Stand Alone Showers

A stand alone shower can take the place of a bath completely. or can be an addition in a large bathroom. These are just great if you want to shower everyday, or if you indulge in any sort of sport, from football to running – you can literally jump in and shower off the day. A large walk in shower can also offer the sensual experience – it can, after all, be big enough for two…

Cullender shaped showers

If you have a stand alone bath, then a cullender shaped shower above it may be the best way to have the best of both worlds. The large shower head harks back to the days of the bath houses, and so this works well with retro and vintage inspired bathrooms. This is definitely my shower of choice, it is glamorous and screams vintage chic.

What sort of shower do you prefer?

11 thoughts on “In Support of Showers

  1. I remember my ex’s parents tried and failed to build a wet room in their house. It may have ended up flooding down to the lower half of the house, which kinda put me off the idea…

  2. My boyfriend’s house only has a walk in shower, no bath – I’m definitely a lover of baths over showers, but know that showers are a lot more eco and financially friendly x

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