Indoor Play Solutions From Wicked Vision

Wicked Vision always think outside the box when it comes to kids toys, and in the current climate they have realised that with children having to stay in more than ever, they need toys that will keep them occupied and happy, without destroying the house in the process (not that I’m talking of experience or anything…).

This Spring Wicked Vision have come up with some brilliant play ideas that will work for children of all ages and should appeal to both sexes, and will certainly lead to hours of fun. They will help give your kids some time away from the tablet, laptop and mobile phone for a few hours, and will also help to keep them fit and active too.

Here are a few great ideas you can enjoy this spring, both indoors and out, and look out for the discount code at the bottom of the page.

The UKick

This is an absolute godsend for kids who just want to kick a ball, but can’t get outside due to isolating or poor weather. The UKick is a combination of weights and feathers that is perfect for practicing keepy uppies in the bedroom. It is a great way to practice this skill, and it won’t do damage when it eventually lands.

It comes in a box with a scan code to watch videos of other kids having a go, which may just challenge your child. It is brilliant for hand and eye or hand and foot co-ordination, and costs just £8 – an absolute bargain!

The Indoor Booma

A boomerang made of foam that comes back, but doesn’t wreak havoc on the way – that has to be a fantastic idea. The Indoor Booma is stable, is easy to throw and easy to catch, with a full set of instructions on the back of the pack, along with some ideas for trick catching. You can also enjoy the Youtube video with more hints and tips for ‘safe’ flying.

Wicked Mega Jump

For those who love skipping as a form of fun, exercise and training (my lad did boxing, and the skipping was his favourite form of training.) the Wicked Mega Jump takes basic skipping, and then makes it competitive and advanced. This is a high performance rope, and, once you have mastered the basics, you can go on to learn a whole host of tricks with UK champions Stacie Pegg and Phoebe Gorton on You Tube.

The rope is easily adjustable, but also comes in a longer variety for two jumpers.

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