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Interior Design For An Accessible Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, a place to relax and chill and unwind as well as a place where you wash and pamper. This is still true, whether you are young or old, able bodied or with disability and mobility issues. But increasing age, and any sort of mobility issue means that accessibility within your bathroom can be an issue, and that you may need to look carefully at the design and layout of your bathroom space and furniture.

If you need to use mobility aids to get around your home, then a downstairs bathroom is a must. A spacious room is also more useful and practical for your needs to help you get around if you use a wheelchair or a walking frame. The rest of the design is really up to you, there is always a bathroom solution,  whether you opt for a bath or shower or both.

Below are some examples of ways you can make sure your bathroom is accessible to all the family.

Walk in Showers

A shower is a practical, enjoyable and time saving way to wash, and with the walk in shower options, they are easily accessible to all, Many have a fold away seat that means you can sit down and shower if you need to, but this can also be folded away when the rest of the family wants to use it.

Another feature that can be incorporated is a half door. This means you can offer assistance to someone taking a shower or may lack mobility in their arms or hands, without actually having to get into the shower with them.

A Walk in Bath

For those who prefer a bath, and worry that mobility issues might mean the end of a relaxing soak, the good news is that a walk in bath is also an option. A door in the side of the bath make getting in and out very simple and comfortable, with a chair inside the bath as an added option.

The taps are thermostatically controlled, so you can fill the bath safely, and once you have finished your bath, you can simply open the door and step out.

A Wet Room

An option that works well for wheelchair users is a wet room. This has everything on one level, with the shower accessible from the floor, which is slip resistant as a safety feature. This stops the problem of having to climb over the shower tray, but the shower is also safe and waterproof.

Whatever choice you make, you can create a beautiful, stylish and accessible bathroom space that is perfect for you and your family.

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