Interior Designing Tips: How to Match Pillows Like a Pro

If you are the one who is confused because of the hundreds of designer pillows on the internet, then read this article to match your pillows like a pro. Nowadays, throw pillows are the most effective way to change the look of your home interior. But it would be best if you had some basic understanding of the matching of pillows to get the desired effect. 

Here, let me be clear so you don’t get confused by the title. It doesn’t mean that your pillows need to be matchy-matchy. Your pillow setting looks better when it is not the same colour or looks like it was unintentionally matched. Keep this point in mind, and it encourages you to be more creative and express yourself. Moreover, this article helps you change your home look along with seasons like a bright one for summer and a cozy one for winter because pillows are all about vibe.

Tips to Match Pillows

To match your pillows like a pro, follow these tips.

  • Go for Different Colours

Choose different colours of throw pillows for your home to get a stylish look. If you are going with this tip, follow the rule of three colours. You have to choose three colours that complement each other and look perfect together. You can take inspiration from already existing colours in the room. For example, a colour from curtains, from walls and your bedding. It gives a more cohesive look. If you follow this technique, make sure that all pillows share those three colours. You can play with different patterns easily.

  • Go for Different Patterns

It is interesting to choose different patterns while following a colour story. To keep things in harmony, make sure your designs have only three chosen colours. Firstly select the big print with all three colours, then next choose one small pattern. Finally, you can take a solid colour or also a pattern. For example, for significant patterns, you can pick a floral design, a geometrical design for small prints, and a solid colour with different fabrics or textures. 

  • Go for Different Shapes 

Your home looks more lively when you play with different shaped pillows, while using the same pillow shapes makes your home look dull and flat. There are many decorative pillows in the market with exciting shapes like round, star-shaped, etc., for your living room. At the same time, custom shaped pillows like cat-shaped pillows work perfectly with a kid’s room. If you are looking for custom-shaped pillows, click here to end your search. 

The same shapes give your home a traditional look, and different shaped pillows create a modern look and give a welcoming feel. 

  • Go for Different Sizes

Combining different sizes with different shapes like square, lumber, and round helps add more texture. Playing with large, medium, and small-sized pillows makes it easy to change the look during rearrangement. For example, you can place a larger one first and follow with a medium-sized one and then the small one. Likewise, put a larger pillow on the sides of a larger sofa and then follow towards the center with smaller pillows. 

  • Go for Odds

Putting decorative pillows in odd numbers like three or five adds life to your flat home and makes it more stylish and modern. In interior design, odd numbers look more creative and artistic. Moreover, picking a few larger pillows for a comfortable sitting area is better than choosing a bunch of small pillows. To make your home comfy and stylish, it is recommended to go with odds.

  • Go for Different Patterns Sizes

When you are going with three colours and three patterns of pillows, why not choose three different pattern sizes to add more layering. One must be prominent with a large pattern and then a small pattern like polka dots. The third should be a solid colour or a textured fabric with a single colour. 

It is important to choose different patterns if you want each pillow to pop up separately and compliment each other. 

  • Mix textures 

Adding texture to pillows gives cozy vibes to your home, for example, a velvet pillow, fur pillows, or tiny 3d dots. Other techniques work perfect for visuals, but texture adds a feel. Pillows with solid color need the texture to complement with surroundings. 

Choosing the right texture can set the room’s mood like silky and fur textured pillows make the room feminine while wooden textured pillows make the space more masculine. Moreover, using velvet gives your room a formal look. 

  • Rearrange Old Pillows

You can change the mood and look of your room by rearranging existing pillows. Sometimes, you have zero budget, but you are fond of change and creativity, then changing the setting of throw pillows works for you. You can move pillows from one room to another or mix pillows. Moreover, choosing different settings makes your home a new place. 

If you have a small budget, then changing pillow covers and changing the setting of different shapes let you show your creativity. 

How Many Pillows Do You Need to Put on A Sofa?

The number of pillows should be determined by the size and comfort of a soft. Putting so many throw pillows on a sofa and leaving no place to sit is disturbing. On the other hand, a few pillows on a larger sofa fail to add the required comfort. So, always keep pillows in balance. For example, you can combine three different shaped and sized cushions for a small coach while five throw pillows for a three-seater sofa to get an aesthetic look. Choose it wisely because it is a matter of comfort.


Playing with pillows is exciting, and they have the power to change the whole look of your home. You can be creative with shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and textures to have a required impact on your home interior. It is important to understand the basic interior designing tips I shared with you to play with decorative pillows. I hope you are no more confused and ready to make an artistic change in your home. 


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