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Interior Options – Roof Lanterns

One of the key things that makes our homes more attractive is the use of light. The most beautiful rooms are ones where the natural light just floods in, making them feel warm and inviting, bright and lovely. In particular, rooms which are an extension to our current living space, or conservatories or orangeries, are often used almost to bring our gardens and outdoor spaces into our homes. In these cases we want them to bring the light, or the evening sky and stars into our homes. These are the times when a roof lantern is the perfect option.


Roof lanterns can pretty much be added to any room that has a flat roof. They are a perfect way to bring natural light into your room, and are much bigger than traditional skylights. They are also more stylish, as rather than flat designs they can resemble pyramids of glass that direct the light to the centre of the room. There are both UPVC and Aluminum Roof lanterns options, and the designs are elegant in appearance, but surprisingly durable and hard wearing, more than able to deal with any of the extremes of weather that we have in the UK.

I love the idea of one of these purveyors of light being used in a bedroom, where you could rest your head under a blanket of twinkling stars.  Used above a living room, and you could find your heating and lighting bills reduced as the natural light does its own job of keeping you warm, dry and illuminated. As a beautiful design feature for the home, a roof lantern is hard to beat as both a talking point, and, in these times when it is getting harder to move house, this is something which could turn your happy home into your very own dream house.


Would you consider a roof lantern? Do you have a room this could work for?

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