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Interiors Focus: Wall Art

A home with lots of bare walls is a home without a soul.  Images added to your walls show your personality, your style and tell something about your life. You can purchase attractive prints from pretty much anywhere these days, but, in my opinion, the most attractive form of wall art are prints and canvases that are produced using your own photographs, making you the creator and controller of your own art.

Photo Canvas Prints are a big story in home decor these days, especially as, with the advent of smart phones and digital cameras, we no longer need to invest in lots of high range, technical photography equipment in order to create high quality prints. Anyone can be a photographer, and can then render their print onto canvas, creating both a beautiful picture and an unforgettable memory.

My-Picture.co.uk is a fabulous company who produce high quality photo canvas prints at very competitive prices. Their canvas prints are a combination of first-rate canvas fabric and an HP latex ink rendition of your photo stretched over a hand-crafted wooden frame. All you need to do is upload your photograph,  select your format including size and the thickness of your canvas prints. Their canvases are then stretched so your image extends to the sides of the canvas, creating a stunning effect that will stand out on any wall in your home.

The colours are vibrant, and the service is very easy to use. The canvases are strong and sturdy (you can choose from 2cm and 4cms) and you can also add a framework as a further feature. If you want to display your canvas on your wall, you can also add an easel back stand, this would be perfect for smaller canvas pictures.

Canvases are the perfect way to display your most treasured photographs, from your wedding, your new baby, a family shot or a special occasion. They are also brilliant if you are an amateur photographer and want to treasure your favourite shot and they can also work well if you have created a formal shot with a professional style backdrop. Because they are usually dispatched within 24 hours, they make a great gift idea that shows real thought and consideration.


Fashion-Mommy Offer

Using this promotion code FASHIONMOMMY10 to receive a further 10 % off  from www.My-Picture.co.uk . The voucher code redeeming process is very simple:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Upload their required photo
  3. Select the desired canvas print format
  4. Enter the name  FASHIONMOMMY10 in the coupon code section and then their discount will apply.
    The code is valid until: 20.05.2018.


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