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Interviewing Gloria Hunniford for Tombola Times

Blogging brings so many weird and wonderful opportunities, and none more so than the chance to interview wonderful people. Recently I was asked to submit an interview for Gloria Hunniford, currently one of the leading lights on Loose Women, but with a rich and varied career spanning more than 50 years.

I’m a great fan of Gloria as I believe she really bucks the trend when it comes to older women on television. In the days when 40+ presenters are often replaced by someone younger and prettier, Gloria goes from strength to strength and is a real example of talent and substance outlasting fashionable fad presenters.


You can read my full interview over at Tombola Times (click here to read on), but here is a little snippet as a taster to what is a fun and informative read with one of the great ladies of television.

FM: One of your most memorable appearances was on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. What made you make the decision to appear on the show?

Gloria Hunniford: I actually turned it down a couple of times because I thought: “I’ll only cry when he speaks about my daughter Caron.” But as I watched the show more, I realised everybody cries at something, so I decided then that I’d go for it.

I have to say, I really, really enjoyed doing it because I really like Piers. It’s a rare opportunity that you get a chance to talk to anybody eyeball to eyeball for two solid hours. I was pleased with the programme afterwards. It’s a great programme for my family to have as a life story.


*With huge thanks to Tombola Times and Gloria Hunniford for the chance to put forward this interview.

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