Introducing Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Every so often, you find a new company who not only offer beautiful goods, but fabulous service too. Stone Bridge is just one of those companies. Offering french hand-made hair accessories, Stone Bridge’s website is just chocked¬† full of beautiful barrettes, clips and slides that you will want to add to your hair wardrobe. But it is the extra hair services that Stone Bridge offers that makes this company stand out from the crowd. Let me explain…

I have had long hair for most of my adult life, but rarely wear hair adornments for a very simple reason. My hair is fine, but there is a lot of it, and so I have never been able to find anything that will secure it neatly, whilst also looking pretty.¬† I have basically stuck to simple bands to secure pony tails. And that’s where Stone Bridge comes in. They offer a service where you can find out the best products for your hair before you just go ahead and buy anything. You answer a simple questionnaire about your hair type, and then, and in few hours you receive an email from an hair consultant with suggestions of hair clips that will work best for your hair. Which I think is an amazing idea.

I was recommended the Klee large barrette. This is a beautiful clip that has an almost animal print style to it, making it look oh so elegant. For medium to thick hair, this was perfect for my locks, able to secure all my hair in a low pony tail, and also looking really pretty worn slightly above my ponytail.

The 2nd item I chose was another barrette, this time the Classic tortoiseshell Arc barrette. This barrette had such a classic design and finish – I just loved the fact that this would be perfect for everyday use, especially as it was suitable for use if you want to wear fine hair in some sort of twist .

Here are some of the other styles that were recommended for my hair type.

I totally love the pieces I received from Stone Bridge, they are beautifully made to a very high standard, and they look great. I think these would make fabulous presents for hair obsessives this Christmas, and also think the website is worth a visit if you truly don’t know what to wear in your hair. If you need any further encouragement, I would say that the attention to detail is not limited to the items themselves, I was really thrilled with the packaging too – such attention to detail is a real sign of quality.





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