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Introducing The Forever Dermaplaning Razor From Wing It Cosmetics

For many women, facial hair is the absolute bane of their life. A constant problem that can be unsightly, painful to remove and can even be embarrassing for some. It is something that you cannot avoid, and can be particularly annoying for those with darker hair shades. Even for those with lighter, blonde hair, their can be a peach fuzz that can be noticeable – Marilyn Monroe, for instance, claimed this as a problem that the film studio sought to address.

Dermaplaning is one of the most effective ways to remove facial hair and fuzz. It is essentially, female facial shaving, but it is not only an effective way to remove facial hair and peach fuzz, but can also remove dead skin cells, leading to brighter, healthier looking skin. Recently, beauty brand Wing It Cosmetics launched a brand new wonder product, their Forever Dermaplanning razor, which is the first UK dermaplaning razor that has replaceable blades & a 3-step skincare routine to go with it. This is a product which offers salon grade Dermaplaning in the comfort of your own home, but also allows you to be more eco friendly in your beauty choice, as this is a last forever product, helping you to avoid using more single use plastic in your bathroom.

The first thing you notice about this product is that it is clearly a luxury buy. It looks beautiful, with a luxurious golden aluminium handle that has been designed to last a lifetime, you will simply need to replace the blades after around 4 uses. The refill pack comes with 2 narrow dermaplaning blades for normal/ sensitive skin and 1 wide dermaplaning blade for extra exfoliation, so these will work for all skin types without causing irritation.

The dermaplaning razor is easy to use. You should use on clean, dry skin, using just a little of the Aloe Vera face gel (it goes a long way). You need to hold the skin taut before applying the razor in short, gentle strokes downwards, and that is it. After using your razor, make sure to cleanse and dry the skin, and then to add facial oils to rehydrate the skin. This will ensure that not only will your face look smooth, it will also look healthy and glowing too.

I love this neat little kit, which comes in a stylish tin which makes it easy to travel with too. It is a safe, and stress free way to remove those unsightly hairs and facial fuzz that can cause all kinds of misery, and it leaves you face looking, and feeling. Soft and smooth.

Wing It Cosmetics say:

Wing It Cosmetics is also launching add-on skincare and dermaplaning facial sets that will cater to all skin types. For those with sensitive reactive skin we’re launching Aloe Dermaplaning Shave Serum, for when ultra nourishment is needed or for dry skin Afterglow+ Dermaplaning Facial Oil, to promote radiance Skin Nectar Radiance Facial Serum and for age-defying benefits Collagen Fix Facial Serum. 

You can find all products on the website here.


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