Ironmongery interior design trends for 2020.

Have you looked at your interiors lately and felt like they needed a small upgrade? Something to make them even more special and elegant? These stunning ironmongery interior design trends are exactly what your home needs. 

And if you are doing a renovation project in your home, please don’t leave the ironmongery details, such as door handles and door hinges, to the end of the project. These are highly important to your day-to-day life and can either be pretty or pretty ugly – so, give it some thought beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals.

Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun mixing metals in your interiors. Ironmongery Experts, an ironmongery family-run business, published an article on how to mix hardware finishes, where they mention how mixing metals, when done correctly, can elevate the design of any room. I couldn’t agree more!

Mixing metals is definitely one of my favourite trends this year. Not only does it look incredible but it also takes décor to a whole new level. If you thought that gold and silver couldn’t go together, think again. Any metal can be paired together! In case this is your first time mixing metals, I’d recommend choosing a dominant metal tone and then combining it with one or two other metal tones as accent pieces.

Layer old and new together.

This year, it seems that mixing different tones and styles together is the thing to do. Not only are we mixing metal tones together but we are also combining modern ironmongery with traditional ironmongery, nothing is off the table. This article on Luxirare mentions how glamorous vintage-looking golden hardware, such as door handles will add some unique and sophisticated details to your interiors. Just the word glamorous is music to my ears – am I the only one?

Black is the new black.

And if you ask me, there will never be a colour that will be the “next” black. Black is simple, elegant and bold at the same time. You can choose to use black everywhere and anywhere – cabinets, countertops, doors, you name it. 

You might also want to take it slowly and simply add some black details around your home, you can do that too! This article on Whinge Whinge Wine gives some insight on why you would use black to decorate your home and how even small details, such as black door handles, will be a great addition to any home.

Texture is key.

No more plain and flat interiors, add some texture with knurled door handles and kitchen cabinet knobs, such as these oh-so-elegant knurled cupboard knobs that would look great in my kitchen!

What is your favourite ironmongery trend?

This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at Bishops Stortford website design agency Ad Lab.


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