Is It Safe To Buy Kratom Online?

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Finding a trusted vendor online is a hassle. The insufficient regulation on kratom products means you are likely to run into scammers. While the risks remain lower for general consumer goods such as shoes and clothes, the risk is much more for herbal supplements and health products. This is especially true for a new industry like kratom. 


By now, you most certainly know about this renowned extract and its sedative and therapeutic benefits but have little clue of where to get the best grade kratom capsules for sale. Purchasing kratom online is smart, especially if you need a rare strain or are too busy to go to the shop. 


However, you need to consider certain factors to avoid risking your health or wasting your time and money.


Here are some of the things to answer for premium and safe kratom online.

Are The Products Third-Party Lab-Tested?

Kratom, while federally legal, remains unregulated. This means that kratom products do not go through evaluation by reputable government agencies to ensure they are safe for human consumption. However, as a consumer, you need to ascertain the purity and safety of kratom before buying it. 

To buy the best quality kratom, ensure you buy from sellers that conduct third-party lab tests to check for heavy metals, carcinogens, and other pathogens. Heavy metals cause cancer, mercury poisoning, and neurological problems, while pathogens bring about infections. Lab tests also check for alkaloid content, which ascertains that you are getting exactly what the manufacturer promises. 

In a poorly regulated industry, third-party testing is a great way to confirm the ingredients and quality of the final products. They help to eliminate the uncertainty of the safety standards practiced by kratom producers in the absence of government-run oversight.

Are The Seller Licensed?

Legally, every business in the US needs a license to operate regardless of whether they operate online or physically. A license shows that the vendor in question has the government’s approval to operate within a certain locality. Licenses guarantee that the business owner’s plans and policies align with the law and that their activities do not affect public health and safety.


You can easily verify if a kratom vendor operates legally by checking the state’s business bureau. It is also possible to check the county clerk’s office for certificates under a certain name, under a DBA (Doing Business As).


Additionally, certain organizations aim to streamline the fragmented industry by instituting standards. One of these organizations is the American Kratom Association which invites vendors to commit to their Good Manufacturing Practices to protect the health and wellbeing of clients. So, buying from AKA-approved sellers is an excellent way to ensure you get safe products from trustworthy sellers. 

Is the Seller Credible with Good Reviews?

When buying online, the seller’s credibility is everything. One of the best ways to find out if the seller is trustworthy is by checking past customers’ online reviews on their social media handles or reputable review sites. 

The reviews will allow you to establish if you can trust the seller to deliver quality products before making a purchase. Your goal should be to find out what past customers say about their experience in terms of product quality and customer experience. 

A credible seller should prosper displaying all critical information on their website. You should find adequate product descriptions and third-party lab tests on each product. This allows you to ascertain the product’s safety and quality. 

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Is the Seller On Social Media?

The introduction of the internet has revolutionized business, and now you can easily access millions of existing and potential customers at the touch of a button. It is no surprise that most companies are on at least one of the many social media platforms that exist today. 

A company with a good social media presence frequently updating and answering customer queries is highly likely to be legitimate. It’s even better if they are verified since they invest in their image and customer satisfaction.

Be sure to check if they are active and have many compliments or complaints from consumers. This can also help you verify if they will offer you a good customer service experience. 

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With no strict government regulation on kratom quality, there are many inferior products that can be unsafe. Many scammers are in the industry looking to reap off your hard-earned money. However, that doesn’t mean there are no trustworthy sellers with premium kratom products that meet your expectations. 

To be safe, please be sure to check that the kratom vendor is licensed, has good reviews, and conducts lab-testing on their products. Focusing on these will help you enjoy the convenience of buying kratom online and enjoy a great experience using the product.

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