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Is It Worth It? A Look at the Top Qualities of a Good Quality Watch

It’s more than just an accessory

In this digital age of smart phones that literally run your life for you, the necessity of the wristwatch has all but faded to the background. In fact, most men wear them more as an accessory than a functional piece (even if they actually work!).

However, a wristwatch is so much more than an outdated novelty accessory. It tells a lot about a man; acting like a status symbol. It can also be regarded as an investment, especially if you are going to spend all that money on it. And if you are into family and heirlooms, it can be part of your legacy by passing it down through the generations.

In order for a watch to be all these things, then you need to make an informed choice when buying one. You can also get a lot of free watches online that suit your personality and fashion as well.There are certain brands that have proven themselves over the years to be leading manufacturers of luxury watches, so yes, you can choose by brand name. In the event you can’t decide which brand to buy, the following characteristics should help you make a choice.


Is it Swiss made?

We all know how many knock-off luxury watches are out there looking quite like the real deal. They not only carry the name but even replicate fine details that can sometimes fool even the smartest shopper.

However, one sure way of not getting conned has been developed by the Swiss government. It involved branding watches as either Swiss made or Swiss movement. Swiss made watches are those assembled, inspected and cased in Switzerland. Swiss movement watches are assembled outside the country using Swiss movements.

This may not apply to you if you want a watch from companies outside of Switzerland that use their own technology. But then again, why go for anything other than the best?


How heavy is it?

The heavier the watch, the more reliable it is. Think about it; there is a complex system of components and pieces making up that watch and if they are all there, then it must be heavy. Anything less would certainly be one of those toy watches that you even forget are on your wrist. A good heavy watch should outlast you and be part of your legacy.

How does it sound?

Nursery rhymes teach us that the clock goes tick-tock. Well, that is technically true but a good quality watch should go ‘sweep’, not ‘tick-tock’. This has to do with that complex internal mechanism we talked about earlier. The movement inside there should be so finely tuned that the ticks produce a flawless sweep sound; that’s a testament to excellent craftsmanship.

Is it accurate?

Watches that use quartz movement tend to be pretty accurate but the more traditional mechanical watch, which most of the high-end watches are, tends to be less accurate. What you need to look out for is the accuracy certification from the official testing institute. That way, you don’t end up with a watch that needs weekly servicing. For instance, the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute tests Swiss made watches to verify accuracy and most of them fall within ten seconds daily, which is pretty good.

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