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Is Polyflor A Top-Rated Vinyl?

At the end of autumn, we begin to discuss plans for some touch-ups around the house, and occasionally we take advice on a good investment that will last for decades.

One of those items recommended would be LVT, which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile – or luxury vinyl flooring as it is widely known. It pops up in more conversations due to its widespread popularity and reputation for the durability it provides.

With interior design at the forefront of urges towards change, it’s no surprise that Polyflor flooring has become the most recommended product.


Whilst Polyflor is a replicable product in place of genuine hardwoods, stone and slate options – it is not a cheap and tacky product.

Vinyl is made from 5 tough layers keeping the floor flexible and thin whilst providing extra durability and waterproof safeguards. The top layer consists of a tough wear layer incorporating a protective coating and intricate design effect, which is protected by anti-scratch and stain guarding. The design layer is then applied to a high quality to resemble authentic-looking flooring.

The layers underneath encompass moisture-resistant and impact core layers, protecting against most threats around the house.


When you look at your current flooring, what are your issues with it?

If you have pets, chances are you see scratches and worn carpets from constant activity – especially if they are excitable whenever there is a knock at your front door. Luxury vinyl flooring has scratch guard technology on an anti-slip design, so no matter how excited they are, they won’t harm the floor or anything they could potentially break.

That alone reduces your clean-up bills and those expensive vets’ bills.


Vinyl is a perfect solution if you don’t have time for cleaning or hours in the day to spare. A quick sweep and a quick mop restore the look of your floor within a minute, or a quick vacuum will do the same.

Polyflor is suitable for rooms with high levels of water risk – such as kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its 100% waterproof safeguard – as well as factored-in moisture resistance – it is a high-value product in wet area design. 

When it comes to installation, you can hire a professional to fit your luxury vinyl flooring or do it yourself as a side project for the weekend, choosing either a glue down vinyl flooring with an adhesive or simple clicking together boards.

People say Polyflor because it is on the lips of everyone looking for a simple and effective change to their home.

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