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Is Vinyl Flooring A Hard Clean?

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a great variety of shapes and styles, colours and textures, but when it comes to quality every single design it has within its range has the same solid protective features.

The Lowest price Amtico flooring is a brand that has secured its position as the nation’s favourite, providing not just luxury design to a home but also the best investment for the future. If having a long life expectancy over other flooring options is not considered enough, the simplicity and ease in keeping it in perfect condition add a huge plus to its status as the perfect flooring for your home.

So What is Amtico?

The Amtico brand is a leading brand in hard plastic flooring which can perfectly and effortlessly imitate any type of flooring from hardwood to stone among many others.

It looks exactly like the real thing. They look so real that any visitors who come over will be amazed to discover that it is not a genuine product. It is also the perfect insulator, which is why many homes that implement underfloor heating have vinyl as the option to perfectly blend with it.

When it comes to vinyl flooring, Amtico certainly has made its name the number one contender for consideration based on its appearance alone.

Is it Easy to Clean Vinyl?

In comparison to other flooring options such as carpet or real hardwood flooring, the Amtico brand provides a much easier and quicker way to keep the floor’s appearance the way it should be.

Regular sweeps across the floor with a non-brittle brush is the simple work that ensures removal of all dirt and dust and simply disposes of it in readiness for a simple quick mop of the floor. When doing this you do it with simple warm soapy water or even an Amtico approved floorcare product so as not to affect your warranty (ask your provider on the most suitable). As little as one mop a month can help to keep your floor healthy and looking shiny.

If you want to go a bit more into it and apply a deep clean to your floor to get the very best appearance, you can use an approved floor stripper once or twice a year approved by the brand supplier.  You may also need to redress it with a recommended flooring dressing and ensure that all dirt and marks from the flooring are gone before layering the LVT.

Reducing Risks

Many other methods can be undertaken to ensure your flooring is maximised in both look and maintenance.

By using protective felt pads under the furniture feet you can further avoid deep scratch marks and scuffs, especially for any heavy sofa and chairs that tend to drag around the floor.

With whichever lowest price Amtico flooring range you will have to consider these plans to best ensure that your flooring stays bright, classy, and perfect for many years to come. It is one of the easiest floorings to keep on top of, and also spares up a lot of time by not needing excessive cleans to keep looking great.

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