It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Visiting Friezeland Farm

Friezeland Farm in Market Bosworth is the UK’s largest ‘pick your own’ Christmas tree Farm and is a must visit if you love ‘real’ trees and all things Christmas. Open each year from October, Friezeland gives you the opportunity to choose your tree while it is still growing in the ground, and then allows you to even cut or dig it out yourself if you want to do so. (You can get the staff to do this for you if you’d rather, it’s not essential.).

We took a family trip to Friezeland yesterday to choose a small Nordic Spruce for our living room. We usually have a large artificial tree in our dining room and just have decorations in the living room, but this year I decided I’d like a small, real tree in the living room. I’d heard about Friezeland Farm from a friend and decided that now was definitely the time to add some Christmas Spirit to my home.

The lovely thing about Friezeland is that the whole site has been set out with children in mind, there is so much more to see than just the Christmas trees. All along the route there are large decorations that give you plenty of opportunities for family photographs, from the festive arch at the entrance, to snowman, glittering reindeers, large candles and a really rather gorgeous penguin display. Towards the end of the tree trail you can even see Santa in his sleigh.

You can choose how to purchase your tree. There are pre cut and potted trees that are available to take home the same day, or you might want a tree from the forest. If you do, you collect a number label from the main entrance, to attach to the tree you want. You can then take it home the same day, or you can collect it at a time that suits. There are a range of trees to chose from, including Nordic Spruce and Nordman Fir, and as the trees come in all sizes, you can choose what is best for your home requirements.

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?


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