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It’s Christopher Beales for Sadie Frost.

In all  the excitement about Kate Moss’s wedding, we didn’t really get chance to  examine what the guests were wearing. Well, it has emerged that Sadie Frost was wearing a custom-made outfit by designer Christopher Beales, and it seems the designer may be a new favourite of the Frost/French founder.

We only got to glimpse Sadie through the car window, but she was wearing a retro looking striped outfit called the ‘Point Pleated’ which consisted of a striped dress and jacket, teamed with a 1940s style hat. A few days before the wedding, Sadie had worn a stunning Christopher Beales evening dress that had truly enhanced her va va voom figure, when she attended the Marie Claire/Rainbow trust charity event.

So, who exactly is Christopher Beales? Well, he was the senior tailor at Alexander McQueen,  who branched out with his own collection, called ‘When the crystal crack’d’ at London Fashion week in February. His creativity has not been solely linked to fashion design. Christopher has worked in costume as a tailor on films including Batman – The Dark Night, Valkyrie, Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince and Robin Hood; and in theatre on Piaf, Twelfth Night and Seasons Greetings, and he has designed and made outfits for Prince, Paul McCartney and The Feeling. Christopher has a feel for the romantic and dramatic that shone through ‘When the Crystal crack’d’, and is now showing in his designs as worn by Sadie.

Christopher Beales will be showing at London Fashion Week this September. I can’t wait to see what he presents to the world next!

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