It’s Time To Give Yourself A Little Treat

It’s a little bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has not been the best year by anybodies standards. Covid 19  has seen people forced into a complete rethink on the way we live our lives, on our freedoms and on our pleasures. It has also had a serious effect on mental health for many people, especially those who had to isolate alone. Self care has never been more important, and it is amazing how a little treat can do so much to lift your spirits and your mood.

A treat doesn’t have to be expensive, it can simply be a little bit of something you love, from a beautiful bottle of our favourite wine, a box of some sumptuous chocolates, even a bubble bath that gives us a little bit of ‘me’ time.

Here are some of the ways that I take time for myself.

A nice glass of white wine

Preferably chilled, and with a Chinese takeaway if possible. A good glass of wine is the perfect way to wind down and chill out. I love Malvirà Saglietto Arneis 2016 | Roero DOCG from Independent Wine, which is a gorgeously crisp and elegant organic white wine by Malvirà.

Saglietto Arneis is from Piedmont, and is actually named Saglietto after a vineyard in Roero that overlooks the valley of the Tanaro river. The strong flavours and aromas of white flowers, peach and grapefruit make it a cool and refreshing drink that has a lightness that make it a great accompaniment to a light lunch.

I have seen white wine described as a ‘conscious indulgence’ but the truth is that it can also reduce stress, and we all need to indulge ourselves at sometime or other, so why not indulge consciously with a lovely glass of a good quality wine. Go on, you deserve it.


Chocolate is always guaranteed to make us feel better when we are down. Even if you don’t know the question, chocolate is often the answer. Personally, I love a good bar of white chocolate, whether it be a cheap version from Lidl or Aldi, a good old fashioned Milky Bar, or something a little more luxurious from Lindt. The Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles Box is just glorious, so delicious you may eat the box in one go.

Pamper Time

Pamper time can mean many different things to different people. A long soak in a bath with candles and low lighting can totally recharge your batteries. A face mask can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, whilst taking some time to boost your hair care can also make you feel like a new person. For me, I love to treat my feet with Boots moisturising foot socks which come in a range of fragrances including Tea Tree and Peppermint. Using these make my feet super soft, and for just £1.99 they are an affordable treat.


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