Jazz Up Those Bare Walls

Whether you are in the middle of a room revamp, or have just moved into a new home, one clear way to add style and personality to a room is in your choice of wall art or covering. Many rooms these days are painted in a neutral shade that can match with any colour of furniture, but as these magnolia style shades can be a tad dull, interest is often added, in the shape of art – prints, canvases and pictures, or through the use of wallpaper to create a statement or feature wall, If you are currently looking to add art to your room, here are some ways you can do it.

A Wallpaper Mural

A wallpaper mural can often cover a whole wall and provides a striking backdrop to your room. It can create a fantasy bedroom for a child, or can transport you to a favourite place and create a special mood.

Wallsauce have hundreds of stunning wallpaper murals that can create whatever mood you are looking for in your decor. I love the black and white wallpaper murals that can range from fun to ultra stylish with moody photography and iconic scenic images are incorporated into the designs.

A statement Wall

If you don’t think your room is big enough to support a full feature wallpaper mural, then a smaller statement wall may be the answer. This is often the chimney breast, where a wallpaper or paint of a different colour to the rest of the room is chosen to add interest or colour to the room.

Feature chimney breasts often work well in period properties – if you don’t have a chimney then the wall where your fire or fireplace is situated is often the one chosen to make a statement.

Wall Art

If you are looking for something less permanent, maybe you are looking at dressing a room with a view to selling your home, then wall art may be the answer. This could be in the guise of a canvas, art prints or even a few specially selected photographs. You could go for one large image, or a collage or a few small mix and match images to create a cool centrepiece for your walls.

Art prints can be picked up relatively cheaply from places like Ikea and Amazon, and you can then frame them yourself, so they show a lot of your personality. They can be stark and striking or warm and homely. They can also be mismatched if you are looking for a kitsch retro look.

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